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  1. Reef Fish
    :bawling::bawling: I have a 30G FOWLR and below are my livestocks 2 occilaris clownfish 1 fire goby 1 dominion damselfish(three spot) 2 blue and yellow tail Damselfish 1 sixline wrasses(LATE) 1 Long nose hawkfish(Added yesterday) So all my fishes were doing good and had no problem until last...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I got a six line wrasse yesterday for my 30 gallon tank. I acclimated him over 2 hours and added him in. I was afraid my Cinnamon clown would bother it but I was wrong. My blue Damsel will not stop harassing it. So I QT him for now, moved all the rocks around and I wonder how long I should leave...
  3. Open Brain Coral Wholesale - Xanh Tuoi Tropical Fish Co., Ltd

  4. Reef Fish
    Wow, I just watched my 6 Line eating the film that my Toadstool periodically sheds directly off the Toadstool! I am surprised that the discard from the Toadstool could be food for another tank inhabitant...another amazing example of nature at work!
  5. Marine Depot
    So many choices, so much temptation. How do you choose which fish would love your nano tank? Size and looks are not the only consideration when selecting fish for your nano. Learn more in Metrokat's latest contribution to the Marine Depot Blog: [READ] Nano Fish: Small Size, BIG Personalities...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    My daughter works at a local pet store, and they let me use her discount, so i got a larger Royal Gramma for $10 ish, when it's normally $24 :dance: I have a six line wrasse that is slightly smaller than this gramma. So being concerned about the aggression the 6-line would probably display...
  7. My Reef Coral Tank

    i didn't used the RODi, it was very stupid. So, Moss was thriving on the rock, it's my torn nowadays.:((
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hi! So I have a 28G nanocube and I've had it up for at least a year and a half, I'm currently working on "renovating" it, I guess. Current stock: about 20 pounds of live rock an inch of sand 8 turbo snails 1 tiger cowry 8 red/blue hermits 1 emerald crab 1 pencil urchin 1 six line wrasse...
  9. Reef Fish
    So a few days ago I noticed that some of my yellow tail damsels (can't remember there real name) had white marks on there bodys. My first thought was maybe there sick, but I waited to see if any more simptomes appeared. No other simptoms have shown up. Well as I looked closer at the white marks...
  10. Reef Fish
    Hello all, I bought a filefish this weekend not only curious to Its interesting behaviour but also hoping for a helping hand with aiptasia! Unfortunately my six line wrasse didnt like the new edition and Proceeded to nip the filefish by the time i interveened and moved the filefish To my...
  11. Pro

  12. Reef Fish
    I've done some searching on this situation but saw varying answers so still unsure of what that varmint is doing. For the past week, my Six Line has been swimming vertically--head up--about 90% of the time. He is otherwise normal, no signs of consumption or distension, is very active and is...
  13. Nano Reefs
    Hello everyone. I'm a beginner to saltwater fish keeping, so I'm going to just give you guys some basic outlines on what I've got going. The tank I am looking at getting is a 20 gallon long tank. It comes with the following items. -Fluval HOB filter (I plan on making this a mini-fuge with live...
  14. Reef Fish
    Hi All, I may be worrying unnecessarily but would like to pick your brains if you dont mind. I am new to the hobby and new to TRT :) We set up our 120L tank 8 weeks ago, left it set up for 2-3weeks with just live rock until ammonia/nitrate/nitrite were all zero (they actually never spiked...
  15. 2g Nano Tank

    Desktop nano tank
  16. Starfish

  17. New Tank

    I'm new & so is my tank.
  18. Reef Fish
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a small six line wrasse for my 29 gallon biocube hqi, and ever since I placed it in my reef it has been behaving very strangely by perching on the live rock for extended periods of time ? I am no expert on wrasse behavior but this just doesn't seem proper to...
1-20 of 427 Results