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  1. Nano Tank

    2-11 update
  2. Tank Part 3

    better pic of brittle star fish
  3. 72 Gallon Bow Front

    72 gallon bow front reef tank.
  4. General Reef Discussion
    i was curious.. we have had our 75 gallons tank for almost a year now but it was given to us by someone. the sand has remained the same with slightly more added when we first got it. i was wondering how often we should change the sand bed. the only thing i worry about is we have sand-sifting...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    greetings, im going to have to admit, though ive had a salt watrer tank for well over a year and some, closer to 2, im am new and have no idea what im doing lol. my tank hasnt been anything spectacular, just eeking out a meger egsistance. its a 35gal, tank. no sump, running a rena xp2 system...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hey im a newbie to the aaquarium but have had my 30g tank for about 1 year. recently i have too many problems keeping my fish alive! anyone had similar problems like me? At the beginning of the year a bought a halide light and took my cover off the tank. the corals came on great and fish...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've had my tank running for about 6 months (converted to SW from FW after my 4 year old pumped a few squirts of hand soap into my tank :rolleyes:) and I've got some questions...but I guess I'll start with some basic info... 55 gallons ph 8.2 amonia...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Spotted my red serpent starfish mangling a snail a couple hours ago....what caught my eye was the crab on TOP of the serpent star, then I noticed that the serpent had a snail underneath it....I only assume the serpent was sucking the life out of the snail at the time, and the crab was looking...
  9. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Hey good people.. I found You on line and decided to join if that is possible.. I am not one of You who got some huge reef tank, but I own a 24G Aquapod for over a 2 years now with pretty nice success. I started one day in 2006 when I bought this tank from Jeff's store while it was located in...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    i just wanted to get some info on these guys because i plan on getting one to kill my aptasia. does anyone own one of these little fellows and can give me some great advice about them?
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone! Quick questions...I currently have a med sized sand sifting starfish patrolling the bottom of my 65 gallon tank. I have notice that I am still seeing detritus and some hair algae on the sand. If I add some nassarius snails do you think they will aid in keeping my sand bed clean...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    OK just when I thought that things were coming together BANG Bubble Algea :angry: OK the water is alright, with the exceptoion of the nitrates being at 5, but everything else is where it needs to be. we don't over feed, if anything they all act like there're starving lights on for 12 hours at...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I just rescaped my 29g tank, and I have a small area of sand bed that my tonga fighting conchs can't get to. I'd like to keep it the way it is, because my occelaris really like to sleep there. My problem is that the area isn't getting sifted as much as I'd like. It's too small of an area to...
  14. Tank Specs
    Tank: 150 gallon AGA, built in overflow boxes, built into the wall Equipment: 2 power heads (will be upgrading to Vortech pumps someday soon) 3 400 watt MH lights 2 T5 lights plus moonlihts Euroreef protein skimmer 40 gallon sump, 30 gallon refugium Auto-top off, 2 300W heaters Web...
  15. Member Classifieds
    I am selling my complete reef tank as is water and all for $1800, I have spent about $3500 on this tank. Must be picked up and I will help disassemble tank. I am located in Edwardsville, Pa, which is in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Area. Bring a lot of buckets and containers, and also a truck or...
  16. Acropora millepora (right) 10 -12 -07

    The right Acropora millepora as of 10-10-07
1-20 of 151 Results