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  1. Nano Reefs
    The "New" 5gal Shrimp Tank! UPDATE: Goby had a taste for shrimp, so he has been evicted and placed in my husband's 28gal. He bought me 20 more Opae'Ula shipped from Hawaii for Valentines day, had one DOA and I found one being eaten by the serrith... presumed 18 in the tank but i'll never be...
  2. Reef Fish
    We have 4 Opae Ula (Hawaiian Red) Shrimp, and 2 sexy shrimp, all of them very small (1/4-1/2 an inch in length). These little guys are the foundation of our saltwater experience, and would like to keep them safe when it comes time to introduce fish to our tank (whenever that might be). In...
  3. Photography Forum
    I took this photo with my Microsoft life cam cinema and thought it tuned out really well for being taken with a web cam
  4. Sexy Anemone Shrimp

    Yeah. He's pretty sexy... He(she) was posing provocatively at the base of my torch coral..
  5. Crustaceans
    I've been doing my reasearch and I think I'd really love to have a sexy shrimp tank in my room. I was just wondering if anyone has any pointers, good size tanks (I'm considering a 1-10 gallon nano, whichever I can find first at a reasonable price) and since I'm having trouble finding this...
1-5 of 5 Results