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  1. Premium Aquatics
    AquaMaxx: Seapora Aquapulse: Sedra...
  2. Skimmers & other filtration
    Does anyone know if you can snap the regular impeller and needlewheel impellers off the magnet to swap out a swelled up magnet? I have a chance to buy a new regular 3500 pump but I need to be able to put my needlewheel inside it for my ASM G2 skimmer and didn't want to wait a week for a new...
  3. Skimmers & other filtration
    I just bought a used ASM G-2 with a non working sedra 3500. How do I take it apart to see if I can fix it. When I plug it in there is no power. The farthest ive gotten was removing the white rod and the black wheel. I cannot get any farther in taking it apart. I cannot find any manuals online so...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    I have an ASM skimmer, after looking around online, i cant quite figure out what exact model it is, its 6.5 or 7" diameter chamber, which makes me think its a g2 or g3, but its only 20 inches tall? which all the ones they list are 24 or so. any ideas what model this may be?
  5. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    i use a ASM G-3 skimmer which came stock w a sedra 5000 pump. i went to plug it in and it wont power on. does anyone know of a trouble shooting guide? is it the impellor? how can you tel if its the impellor or is the pump just shot?
  6. General classifieds
    WTB Sedra 5000 pump for skimmer reasonable
  7. General Reef Discussion
    What is everyone's thoughts on the ASM G2 with the sedra 3500 pump on a 125g w/a 55g sump? I'd get the G3 but apparently the footprint might be too big for the sump tank... Oh and is $273 shipped a good price new? Thanks!!!
  8. DIY Forum
    Basic Idea, i wanted to make a decently powerful skimmer, for a mid range sized system, that I could upgrade as it grows in water volume or the bio-load changes. Ive talked with a few people as ive already finished the project and they think the pumps i used were a bit overkill, but like i said...
1-8 of 8 Results