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    I was trying to search our forums for Lps vs Sps... Unfortunately when I type that into the forum search... Nothing happens!!!??? I was pretty bummed to think that this community didn't have anything on this topic... So, what was originally my first nature, I googled it!.. And what...
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    I think it would be helpful for members to be able to search for other members by area/location.. I know that other members of this forum are located in Arkansas, but I am unable to find them without searching every thread. I have looked for a reef club in my general area but I couldnt find...
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    Is there a search box where i can type a topic and see all threads related to that topic?
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    when I do a search for ATO (Automatic top off) I get zero results. Surely someone somewhere has put these letters together to talk about their ATO system. What is up with that?
  5. Margaritaville
    Good morning, everyone :) Time to rise and shine, though the sun is not shining yet. Coffee, cereal, fresh fruit, and extra apples for later in the day. No Civitan for me this AM since we're having our annual installation banquet tonight. See you all later today. Now wake up ;)