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  1. Anemones
    My Banded sea star has moved over and is under my bubble tip... is this safe? Do either of them pose a threat to each other?
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Help! I'm fairly new to saltwater tanks and have had mine set up for a few months. I recently got a Blue Linckia Sea Star about a week and a half ago. I acclimated him per the instructions and the first day he climbed all over the tank. For the next few days he sat in one spot on the glass, I...
  3. Ballast

    maxspect ballast in place
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everyone, I just got a starfish from the LFS, and no one there knew what it was and I can't find anything online that looks exactly like it besides one thing that I think is wrong (someone said chocolate chip star), and two others that I think could be varieties of it (cake or biscuit...
  5. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Some sort of Sea Star is breeding in my tank. I was too nervous to take out the bigger ones, like 5 inches in diameter, but found this baby on the glass. Please identify it ASAP- theres 4 I can see, so there must be dozens I can't. Nanocube w. newly installed Radion, MP10, Nitrate Ammonia...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I bought a coral today and found a few cool hitchhikers on it. One is a tint brittle star, 2 feather dusters and this unknown sea star. I know it's a sea star because I picked it up with tweezers and looked at it's bottom. Deff a star. It's brownish black on top with white all the way around it...
  7. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    So I just moved my Trumpet coral to a new spot to see if I would get better expansion and found this little thing under the frag plate where the Trumpet was at. Is this a bad sea star or can it stay in the tank? It's clearly very small as it is inside of a gatorade cap.
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Interested in putting one in my system after at least one year of maturation in a 150G tank, i'm wondering the success it would be if its in a 2" only sand bed. Anyone with that kind of sand bed and with good success?
  9. My 20gal Reef

    A quick shot of my 20gal reef. It's home to 3 little Green Chromis, a Chalk Basslet, a Neon Dottyback and a slightly deformed Clarkii Clown that I adopted. As well as a handful of red-leg hermits, cerith snails, and one large turbo snail.
  10. Crustaceans
    :help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help: just came back from a 1600km business trip:bigeek:, and came to my fromia star with 2 legs out of water, and one of those legs with about 3mm spot on its side that is...
  11. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    Hi, CC sea star doing fine in my tank. I am just looking for advice on feeding. Right now I am feeding him very small pieces of raw oceanfish 2-3 times a day. I shut the pump off, he peels back, and I stick a piece of squid, octopus, or shrimp or whatever on a skewer and gently push it...
  12. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    i have a medium sized cc sea star i am rehoming. looking to trade for coral frags or other live stock
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, wondering what kind of small starfish is recommended for a 24 Gallon reeftank? Just set up, 6 weeks old. 8kg LR, Few hermits and snails, rock crab, mussel, many usual hitchhikers. 2x pink/purple tipped sand anemone, 2x ocellaris clows, 4-5 little morphs. AR-620 aqua one tank. I saw one like...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    anyone have a blue linckia star? What kind of fish can they be housed with? I have some very small brittle and serpant stars but would love one that is big and beautiful such as the linckia but I'm concerned my eel or harlrquin will pick at it.
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Can someone please help me identify this starfish. I need to know if it is reef safe and if so what to feed it. I have googled everything and can not find a match. I'm getting desperate. I don't want it to hurt anything.
  16. Crustaceans
    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me, My marble sea star has pinkish red stringing stuff comming out of his center. I am hoping he will be okay as he has just arrived. If anyone knows about this please help!
  17. Crustaceans
    Hi, I've never posted here before but I have been looking into buying a starfish but don't know what species I should get. I like the common starfish (asterias rubens) but I don't know if that woukd be difficult to take care of or not. I've heard that chocolate chip starfish are fairly easy to...
  18. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Hey everybody, woke up this mornign to find this crawling on the front of my tank. It's small (1-2 mm), white, and looks kinda like a 3-legged sea star. It's very slow. Anybody know what it is?
  19. General Reef Discussion
    My Blue Star Is Looking A Bit Shaggy, He Seems To Be Loosing His Blue Otter Skin On One Arm Is This Normal? I Have A Peppermint Shrimp And A Decorator Crab Could They Be Picking On Him? I Have Never Seen Them Do It. Do They Molt?
1-20 of 403 Results