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  1. Seahorses & Pipefish
    How many of these can I put in a 90 gallon tank? How about these? And a completely out there question I would totally never do, what about...
  2. Zoanthids

    Zoas under actinic
  3. Skimmers & other filtration
    Here is a pretty specific question about getting a skimmer. First off, here is background info. Equipment A 16 gallon bowfront -Aquaclear 50 (Filled only with sponge and Rena Bio-chem stars) -MaxiJet 400 in powerhead setup -Via-Aqua 100w A 20 gallon -Aquaclear 50 (Filled only with sponge...
  4. Lps Coral

    lps corals
  5. Seahorses & Pipefish
    So I am going to be setting up a dwarf tank and wanted to know what tank I should get. I have looked at several on Petsmart and Petco, but they all have problems, mainly w/ filter being to strong or breaking. I was looking for a tank in the 1-3 gallon range so I can have a few pairs of ponies. I...
  6. Seahorses & Pipefish
    hello everyone, i just received a pair of dwarf seahorses yesterday and the male has a really round stomach i dont know if hes pregnant or if its suppose to be like that, my female is really skinny compared to him. can anyone tell me how to tell if he is pregnant.
  7. Seahorses & Pipefish
    I'm interested in starting one possibly a 10 with sps corals. Would that be ok for a sea horse? Also what type etc care information filter information etc
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everyone my name is julio and I am new to this hobby and just wanted to get some advice from the community. I am interested in starting a sea horse/pipefish tank. Was thinking of getting one janss pipefish, and a pair of kudas or erectus. My question is what would you guys recommend to start...
  9. Beautiful Green Palys

    I have a rock with about 30 of these beautiful green palys. Im not sure type of paly they are but the glow amazingly under the actinics.
  10. My Reef

  11. Fish Tank

  12. 37 Gallon Mini Reef

    This is what I have so far....
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Well, I've avoided coming out here as of late. A couple of weeks ago we cleaned out the seahorse tank. I think we stirred up too much and over a few days we lost two of the babies. :cry: Just the other day I got up and found the last baby tail first in the overflow. She was gone already so I...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    I still have no clue how to use my camera but here are a few pics from today
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Here are some pictures I took of some of the inhabitants from each system in our house. I hope you enjoy them. :)
  16. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC) Rare male sea dragon pregnant Story Highlights Male sea horses, sea dragons and pipe fish carry eggs instead of the female Breeding of weedy sea dragons is rare because so little is known about their mating Eggs...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Good news for the Georgia Aquarium!
  18. In The News
    Endangered sea dragon at Ga. aquarium pregnant Thursday, June 12, 2008 3:19:28 PM A weedy sea dragon at the Georgia Aquarium has something to celebrate this Father's Day. One of the rare creatures is pregnant for only the third time ever at a U.S. aquarium, aquarium officials said. But...
1-19 of 342 Results