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  1. Starfish

  2. Par38

  3. Gems Of Coral

    GEMS of Coral
  4. Lps Corals

    Open Brain
  5. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Are sea cucumber good for a reef tank?
  6. Zoas And More Zoas

    I love zoas. They are the easiest most funnest coral to collect in this hobby.
  7. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Hello all, Very happy to find you :beer:... Just started up 55gal reef tank about 6 weeks ago. Received some live rock from the Gulf with some unwanted stuff in it. My wife is not liking these things (see pics) that look like spiny slugs and there are other stuff on it too, like I noticed...
  8. NFMAS Member Tanks
    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this hobby as well as to NFMAS. I'm looking forward to meeting people at the next meeting, but I thought the best way to introduce myself might be to start a thread for my new tank. My tank is a 14g biocube. I've only made a couple of modifications to it so far...
  9. Crustaceans
    I am new to TRT and I am thrilled that there is a mantis forum here. I have two N. Wennerae in my 55g display tank. I set this tank up in August of `07 and I bought a LR/LS package from Tampa Bay Saltwater (TBS) When you order from TBS you get all kinds of hitch...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Last night there was an explosion of this red/purple algae. It is long and stringy and is growing on the sand and rocks. Can some one tell me what it is and how do I get rid of it. I use only RO/DI water with 0 TDS. Thank-you very much. Joe 75 Gallon Tank 30 Gallon Sump Super Needle Wheeled...
  11. NFMAS Member Tanks
    This all started with a 72 gal fish only bow front. Then we saw all the reef tanks set up at the fish stores and HAD to have one of those too. The first one was a 13 gal with PC's which was quickly followed by a 42 with T5's, which still wasn't big enough so we converted that one into a 180 with...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    So about two months ago, I had noticed my tigertail cucumber acting oddly (previous thread: Basically, he started out being very reclusive, only coming out at night and sifting the sand only in a radius close enough to the rocks for him...
  13. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    I have read that cerith snails are good at digging through the substrate. Do any of you have them? If so, how much of the substrate do they turn over? Are we talking the top half inch or will they get down a couple of inches?
  14. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    I am in the middle of planning my closed loop on a 75g and could use some advice. The pump I am looking at is either the Sequence Snapper or Dart. Which would be the better choice for the 75g? Also, how many, what size and where should the holes go for a closed loop in a 75g? Keep in mind my...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I've had a blue linkia star for over a year in my tank. He's always done real well since I figured out to really maintain the salinity closely. That was the #1 issue. All of his little white spots went away and he was real healthy. He's always been shy and stayed in the rocks when the lights...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Hey all!:wavey: I'm just curious about sea cucumbers. I'm thinking about getting a couple to clean up detritus and fish waste. What do you all think about them?:icon10-3:
  17. General Reef Discussion I thought I might diversify my tank some with some of the items sold this just a waste of money? Is it REALLY a good idea to 'diversify'?
1-20 of 162 Results