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  1. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    I have my (full marine) Green Spotted Puffer in a 10 gallon. He's happy there and grows insanely slow. I was planning on moving him to my 30 but I decided to leave him be until He grew some. Anyway... I need a "sand cleaner" which I can pair with him. Preferably something that won't out-grow...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Is there anyone that doesn't sift their sand when doing a water change? I've heard both ends of the spectrum here and wonna hear some opinions
  3. Reef Fish
    I've got a 30gal Reef going for soft corals, Mushrooms, and maybe Zoanthus. I don't have a deep sand bed it is between 1/2" and up to 2" in some places, I already have 3 Nassarius Snails and was wanting a fighting conch to help clean up the sand would that be O.K. or would something else like...
1-3 of 3 Results