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  1. Reef Fish
    Omg ok so I wake up and go to check on my tank and turn on the lights to see my sally lightfoot crab nawing on my flame angel! He was perfectly fine last night swimming around; the sally lightfoot has been with us for months so why did this happen now! I need to know if i need to get rid of my...
  2. Test2

  3. General Reef Discussion
    I had a handful of chaeto in my sump, a few weeks ago I had to remove my sallylightfoot crab from my main tank because he started attacking fish. He's been cleaning up the extreme standards. Over night he's eaten the whole clump of chaeto! He hasn't really been touching it but got up...
  4. Split Anenomee

    anenomee split
  5. Zoas

    teal red lash
  6. Algae Turf Scrubber

    My first algae turf scrubber
  7. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    This is Eric's wife... And he brought home a Sally Lightfoot crab like we agreed he could get to help get rid of our algae issue. The thing is UGLY and SCARY! I am totally OK with somebody coming to get it when he isn't here and I'll just tell him it must have died!! LOL, OK, not really, I'm...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Any suggestions on why a Sally Lightfoot crab would be losing legs?
  9. General Reef Discussion
    earlier today i added 10lbs of live sand to the tank. ever since the tank has been REALLY cloudy. how long will it take to clear up? its a 125g tank so i didnt think it would be that bad to add some extra sand. i really dont want to hook back up the filters because they tend to suck up...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I have had 2 crab die in my tank while molting. Here are my tank specs and water test conditions. When I got the tank I had a sally lightfoot crab which died a couple weeks after we got it. It was stuck mid molting and...
  11. Tank Specs
    First off, Hi everyone. I just happened to run across this site while searching on the web. My current setup is a 125 fish and reef tank. koralia 4 powerhead, two 4ft shop lights with 2 40w 6500k actinic and 2 18000k lights. impatiently awaiting the arrival of a 250w 20000k metal halide bulb for...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    All my soft corals are doing great accept my two finger leathers. Their not dead but they arent thriving, polyps are extended but the leather itself appear dark and a bit shrunken. They are like this all the time for several months now. I have a few things to blame but im not sure what the cause...
  13. 2005 Monte Carlos SS

    My beautiful Monte Carlo SS
  14. General Reef Discussion
    So I get home, ready to put my Sally Lightfoot Crabs in the tank. Hadn't need my fuzzy lion in a couple days, so I went looking for him. Normally he hides, so it can take a while. Much to my dismay, he's lying on the floor behind the tank, like a piece of fish jerky.:cry: Hadn't seen or...
  15. Tank Specs
    We have had a freshwater tank for some time and decided to start a reef tank, little did we know how fast it would become an obsession :eek: when I built the stand for it I did not realize the benefits of a sump, :doh: needless to say I know now and I am going to modify it to accommodate one...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    i got this lil boy a few days ago. hes eating like a pig and is very out going. he doesnt want nori from a clip though, he wants me to crumble it up first and float it around the tank soaked in garlic. maybe because he and the clip are the same size :rotflmao: his name is Nathan :D
1-19 of 177 Results