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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Looking for opinions on peoples favorite/most accurate test kits.. until 3 months ago I was fowlr only and did the basics only.. ie. nitrates,nitrites,calcium,ammonia,ph.... Im looking to do a more complete job now that im trying my hand at a reef..
  2. General Reef Discussion
    ok so i am really sure that i asked this before..but i cant seem to find it and i was going to order some tests that way i dont have to travel 30 mins to the pet store to get my water tested so again... what tests to i need to get and wheres a good link to them.
  3. Atlanta Reef Club
    Alright Heres the equipment list. theres someone dropping by tonight so if they have first dibbs on anything after that its all up for sale... 37'' Oceanic Cube- tank,stand and canopy-$150 (24lx18dx20H) 30'' Oceanic Cube- tank,stand and sump-$150 10 gallon qt with filter-$10 1/4 io salt-$5...
  4. Atlanta Reef Club
    I have decided that it would be best for me at this time to take a break from the hobby and persure my carreer as well as focous on my family so i am going to start by listing all of my livestock and from there go on to all of my other stuff. I know even earlier today I have been talking about...
  5. TRT Member Blog's
    Any and all advice is welcome...criticism is encouraged. Welcome to my blog. On Wednesday, May 24th, 2006, I prepared for the move of the newly acquired tank. So, I purchased... 60lbs of Caribsea Aragonite #00790 "special grade" live reef sand. $90.00 35 Gallons of RO/SW mix. $35.00 I...
  6. Tank Specs
    65 Gallon Reef - Drilled CPR model CY194 filtration system with RVT protien skimmer. Ser #A941370 MaxiJet 1200 power head with a Hydor Flo rotating water deflector Visa-Therm Stealth 200 submersible heater Rio 1700 Skimmer pump...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I just bought the Salifert Magnesium Test Kit because I hear from everyone on here that Salifert is the way to go for Accuracy. I just did the test and if im doing my math right from their converstion table my Magnesium is way low. If anyone has this and know how it works it took me 45 drops...
  8. TCMAS
    Okay so last week my dKH was 9, and tonight it was 6.4 according to my Salifert test. My Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite is all 0, Calcium is 460, Phosphates 0, SG 1.025, pH 8.3. So I jave a 64oz un-opended bottle of Kent Marine Pro Buffer. Reading the instructions it says to add in the morning...
1-8 of 8 Results