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rose bta
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  1. Anemones
    Like title states, new nem:
  2. Anemones
    Im about to purchase a rose anemone from craigslist and i was wondering if a rose anemone is same as a rose bubble tip anemone? Or are they two different anemones? If so Which one is the rare/expensive one?
  3. Photography Forum
    I picked up this rose beauty at my lfs. the big boy cleaner came from another lfs
  4. General Reef Discussion
    So I purchased a small rose bubble tip anemone about a week and a half ago and when I put him in the tank he was completely open and looked healthy. He stayed like that for a few days and then all of a sudden...all the tentacles were fla and he was 1/2 way curled up all the time and had shrunk...
  5. Tank Specs
    Alright so I should lay out what we got instead of just harassing people. There's the 75 gallon, about 15g sump. Well, it's not really a sump I guess, just a fuge with a place to put the skimmer. The 75 has about 100 lbs of LR (about...), corner drilled to the under stand fuge. The fuge is...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hey, I've been battling (and losing) with ich in my tank for the past month or so, and a few days ago I got a small rose bta (for my clowns who are now getting ich :()...Anyways, it appears to be happy, except there are these white spots on it (they just don't look normal to me)...any one know...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    so next week i am thinking of buying a anemone for my perc. clown i want it in the top left corner under this type of lighting> < Which type will have the best chance of have my clown host Which type will do best...
  8. Margaritaville
    Good Morning Everyone!:wavey: I cannot believe that friday finally got here:blob:
  9. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I will list livestock first mated pair of false percs-50.00 pair orange shoulder tang 3.5-4" 35.00 vlamingi tang 5-6" 40.00 pearly jaw small 15.00 nice blue linkia 25.00 yellow brittle star 18.00 a few sps corals and a few lps corals 2 nice clams 35.00 each green bta 4-5" 45.00 rose bta small...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I have had 2 of these in my tank for 4 months or so and now I have 3! I am planning on selling one or two of them but I'm not sure how much to ask for it. It was sold to me included in a package deal (I bought a lot of stuff) The guy i got it from said it was a BTA but i have only seen it...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Does zooplankton grow in my tank or is it something that i have to buy to feed the corals that I am going to purchase. If its something that I have to buy, I can't find it anywhere that sells it.:cry:
  12. nano build off 2008
    Project: build a softy reef (and to get Caball362 into the hobby ) Tank -- 10 gallon tank -- 10 gallon sump/fuge ( still discussing ) -- live rock *marco rock ( unknown ammount at this time will have to see on a rock per rock bases. as some know that is some light rock for the sizes...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    After the lights were on for a couple hours this morning I noticed that our Rose BTA was not expanded so I got to looking at it and noticed that it was in two pieces and only a little string of the foot connected them. We bought this anemone about 3 months ago and it was only about 5 inches in...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    I just stopped in at the LFS. I heard he had gotten 2 Pink Pacific or Hatian or something or other anemone's for watching someone's tank so I went to check them out. I've been trying to look them up. They look just like this
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I have a Condylactis Anemone that I bought about a week ago. I put him on the highest point in my tank and then yesterday I found him all drawn in and then just this morning I saw that he moved from the top of the rock to the bottom and is now hanging upside down from the rock. All my levels are...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I've had my green bubble tip anemone for almost 4 months. it initially positioned itself to a rock and used to open up nicely. but after a month and a half it moved to another position and started opening up even bigger and was much more bubbly and was swaying around extra and its been looking...
  17. Photography Forum
    hi i just started reef keeping about 4 months ago and i wanted to see how mine compares to others tanks, its a 14 g nano and ill be runnin a 37 if all goes well very soon scuba steve doing his thing he trys to take me out when i feed the anemone sorry about the size dont know how to...
  18. Atlanta Reef Club
    Hi I have a carpet anemone that is now over twelve inches and just too big for my 90. I would like to find him a good home preferably someone with a mature tank. I have had him over a year and he is very healthy. He has never eaten any fish and I feed him every other day. Would like to trade for...
1-19 of 206 Results