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  1. Reefing Equipment
    Hey everyone, so the title says it all but heres the details. Im new to sumps and under the tank tanks so i need some help. I want to put a 15-20g refugium under my 90g mixed reef but the problem is i dont know what to do about the pumps. THE QUESTION is what kind of over flow and return pump...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Saltwater aquarium equipment. Im located in claremont,california Paypal- willing to ship if you cover the shipping 55 gallon glass tank with stand and canopy black $100 48" TEK T5 lighting with ice cap 660 ballast with throw in 8 bulbs for free. $250 24" *New* moonlight $40 Wet/dry sump with...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I am currently gathering all the pieces to put together my 24 nano. I had origionally planned on running both a skimmer and a fuge. I have never had either before and always maintain my nanos with weekly water changes. The tank is 24 gallon and will be sps and clams. I have decided against both...
1-3 of 3 Results