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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I am going to set up my saltwater tank. I got two another tank to use as sump. I do have a question. AS I am going to set up a Refugium (cheato & LS), so can I pass the water through the refugium than pass it through filter medias (ceramic, bio balls, zeolites)? Will it result good or bad? As...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I have the dims of the 55 gallon tank... 48"x 13" x 21".... Am I OK to have the baffles cut to 13" wide? Will this provide a tight seal? Too wide? I want tightest fit while sitting straight. Obviously my heights will vary for each piece.
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I am just starting to set up my first saltwater tank and I have a few questions about the sump. I have a 75 gal tank and I have a 50gal sump that I am going to use. I also have a skimmer that I will put in my sump. I am wondering how to set up the sump for the best filtration. Should I do a deep...
  4. Tank Specs
    OK, it's time to start the thread the plan: we're building built-ins for a wall in our living room that will be shelving for books/knick-knacks, entertainment center and...the new tank. spot for the tank will be ~4'9" wide and 22" deep, so it will fit my 90gallon (with plumbing) just...
  5. TRT Member Blog's
    Just some pics to get this started... 40 gallon breeder, got it off craigslist for $50! Another craigslist special 120gal tall, with stand/canopy. $275! DIY durso pipe Drain plumbing
  6. NFMAS chat
    Ok this is my set up pics and also some what of a layout print now the 1 1/4 pvc line drops down about 1 1/2 under the water line question iam having is do i need to raise it above and add some sort of system to aerate the water befor it goes into the refug i hope this is kind clear to what iam...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hang on side refuge for 55g (update w/pic) I have a 55gal tank and want a refug that I can hang on the side of the tank. What's out there that will fit. I've seen some that were 13" but not sure if the plumbing was narrow enough to fit the 12" I have on the 55g Thanks, Kz
  8. General Reef Discussion
    I'm in the planning my sump out. Waiting til I get my skimmer first so I know my footprint etc. Wanted input from you guys where I should run a small refug or not? Thinking maybe some Chaeto or Mangrove? Or should I just go bare?
  9. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Hang on the back refugium . 24 long 4 1/4 wide 11 3/4 deep . $50
1-9 of 9 Results