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  1. General classifieds
    I'm wanting to buy preferably 2 lumenmax 2 reflectors or lumenarcs. Also need a coralife super skimmer 220. And I'm also wanting koralia magnums, evolutions, (atleast the 1400) vortec pumps, Eco marine pumps.
  2. Lighting
    OK, this is all theoretical since I don't have immediate plans to move forward. I am wanting to build a hood that will match my stand and change lighting. My original plans were for a 150w MH with 2 VHO actinics. I want keep the option open of switching the 40br to a 65. If I was running...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I am wanting to know what the best 250w reflectors are as I am looking for a new lighting setup. Also if anyone has any 250 pendant fixtures that come recommended I'm all ears. Thanks!
  4. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    Got a few items listed for sale, sorry about having to click all the links. Didn't feel like posting all this again. TX5 660 SLR...
1-4 of 4 Results