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red sea pro salt
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    Hi boys and girls! Im thinking very seriously about starting a fowlr/reef tank, as hobby for me and some fun for my daughter....Anyway Im looking into a 30 gallonish bowfront of flatback hex, and Im kinda leaning to an in sump wet/dry system....Im doing ALOT of reding trying to figure out all...
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    I'm not really sure what is happening here. I switched all of my corals in to my new 75 from my 30 almost 2 weeks ago and this started on my frogspawn yesterday. The lighting went from 2 x 65 pc's to 6 x 54 T5's, could this be from too much light? I did a search and saw that this could happen...
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    ok so I believe this was the last WC I am going to have to do with straight IO. Before the water cheange my Calc. was about 450 and my alk was 9.0. Acoording to the sailfert kit calc should be around 400-420 and alk should be around 7-8. I know 450 calc is fine and is actually what most of you...
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    As some of you know I found out the Red Sea Pro salt i have been using has an insane amount of calc in it at 1.024 SG. So i have gone back to my bag of IO to correct this. Eventually I hope to use a 50/50 mix of IO and Red Sea Pro. My calc was 520ppm now it is down to 480-470ppm. I have my alk...
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    Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 25 pH 8.0ish Ca 500 alk 2.86 I added seachem marine buffer to raise pH and alk just now
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    the side of the red sea pro salt bucket says that a level of 450ppm of calc will be at 1.022 and the higher the SG the higher the calc level goes. I kept my SG at 1.024 so i have a calc level of 520ppm. This was checked with a api kit and verified with sailfert so i know its right. And it is the...
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    So I will be getting some sps frags next next from a marine biologist i work with. He runs a frag business out of his house and has great prices. I am wondering about some things. Why are all SPS listed as DIFFICULT under the care catagory on ever web site i look at. I have a 150w 14000k HQI...
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    I have been using api for awhile now and tonight i got a red result on my nitrate levels which is like 80+. I also got a 520ppm result for calcium. I have sailfert kits i wasnt goint to open till i ran out of api but i had to verify. and yes my nitrate since the last time i checked which was...
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    anyone find a good ato top off for the aquapod 24g or a set up that is almost the same. This is really the only one I could find. Its on what do you guys think of this one and or is there anything else out there
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    so to set this up i use ro water and red sea pro salt which guarenties their salt to contain 450ppm of calc at 1.023SG. I run my tank around 1.023-1.025 and im at 500-520ppm of calc. is that possible? thats all i use i dont dose or anythign else
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    i am getting a small/medium crocea clam tonight and i have two questions. one can it be place right on the sand. its a 24g aquapod with 150w 14,000k hqi lighting. or should i glue it to a rock higher?
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I live in the North Atlantic. Newfoundland! The price of a 50gallon mix of instant ocean salt is $40.00 Has anyone ever heard of making their own salt. Not as if there isnt a bunch of that around here.
1-12 of 12 Results