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  1. TCMAS
    10 polyp colony of very rare hybrid G-men Hornets Thes beauties glow in your tank $400 shipped overnight I have excellent shipping experience and 100% + feedback on my home site text me to arrange 603-828-9446
  2. Atlanta Reef Club
    10 polyp colony of rare hybrid G-men hornets These glow in your tank $400 shipped- overnight I have excellent shipping experience and 100% feedback on my home club text me to arrange 603-828-9446
  3. General Reef Discussion
    So I have decided on doing a mainly LPS/SPS dominated tank. Even thinking of getting rid of the 2 soft corals I currently have. Two questions. 1) Are 2 54w T5s good enough for SPS? (45Gal 18inch high tank) 2) Are there any great looking or rare LPS/SPS Corals you can think of? Would be prepared...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Ok so Santa was a pretty generous this year and Im already Starting to neglect my tank even though I recently did tons to it(may be why I spend less time on it now) however I would like some help in finding a few new corals with great color please?! My tanks 24inches deep im not to fond of acros...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I just aquired a reef tank from a local guy in trouble and have 2 items that he said are rare and hard to find.......he also said he doesn't know what they are. #1 looks like a candy cane but it's orange and the other is a scorpion fish both said to be from Australia....?????
  6. PMAC Members Only
    We got a sweet line-up this week! TRUE PICASSOS (Only 2...say high-end breeding pair?) (WEDNESDAY) (and we're gonna be getting some SNOWFLAKE CLOWNS soon too-taking deposits on these from those lucky few that get their hands on these! Be one of the first to breed these and cash in with these...
1-6 of 9 Results