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  1. LPS Coral Forum
    Hey all, new to these forums, but have been creeping around them since I started up my tank :P. I am just curious how my first coral is looking. It is a rainbow open brain from what I can tell. I purchased it from a LFS that does not take the best care, but it was a great deal so I figured why...
  2. Reefing Equipment
    So today i painted a used 75 gallon tank i picked up last week. i cleaned it with vinegar before hand and now it seems under the black pant you can see 2 large rainbows. The paint has been dry for a couple hours and im starting to think maybe i should strip off the paint, make sure its super dry...
  3. General Reef Discussion I was wondering, were can I buy different colored frogspawn to make one like that?
  4. Anemones
    I got this from my LFS sold as a RBTA but after about 6 weeks it's additional coloration started coming out. Looking around on-line I was thinking it might be a rainbow BTA I just wanted to get some additional thought's. This is when I brought it home.... And this is what it looks like...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I saw a very beautiful "Rose" bubble tip anemone at my LFS. It looked almost like it could be classified as a "Rainbow" BTA because it had purple, dark red, and green tentacles and looked very unique. It was only about 2-3'' inches small and the tentacles were short in length...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    My friend has a Live rock and its very colorful he just got it to btw and mine i just got too but mines all plain jane like just brownish green almost.. How is this? and What is healthier Colorful or plain jane??
  7. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    ACANTHASTREA ENCHINATA!!! Crazy rainbow acan i've been growing for a good while.... Frags for sale or I'll sell one o' them good sized chunks. Just pm me and we'll work something out. Thanks guys. i love really...i mean it:fish:
  8. SPS Coral Forum
    Ok, I am looking for information about the commercial name here, not to identify my tort because I already know what it is Acropora Tortuosa I want to know about the "rainbow tort" or other non-total blue torts. I bought my "blue tort" back in '06 before naming really got ridiculous. It was...
  9. Rainbow

    Went outside around 7pm to see this beautiful rainbow!
  10. Nano Reefs
    In from start of obsession to now, and look how far I have come....and how far that I have to go. Got the tank just right today, and it seems as though the salinity is staying at a constant 1.018. The Damsle was more than happy to jump into his 78 degree abode, and it seems as though I have a...
1-10 of 10 Results