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  1. Reef Fish
    Hi all, I have a 6 foot 220g that is lightly stocked. The jewels of than tank I planned on were a queen angel and an annularis. The more I read the more Im debating this and I dont feel like I can trust the specs given by fish sellers on tank size. What do you all think? Right now live rock...
  2. 90 Gallon Upgrade

    90 gallon display tank, 20 gallon long sump tank, and stand
  3. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    I'm trying to decide on which Angel to pick it is a well established fowler tank with a one spot fox face a niger trigger and a harlequin sweet lips. I really like the queen but the regal is gorgeous. I have a 150 + 30 sump run a uv sterilizer and a reef octopus 200. Any suggestions
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hello friends, I have a 125 gallon with a coral beauty in it. It's been in the tank for about 8 months. When adding new fish it is always curious but never aggressive toward them though it does not like when the newbies get near its favorite rock/hiding place. 3 months ago I bought a baby...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, My Queen Angel (medium) was purchased October 8th. I recently noticed that her body is not as vibrant in color and seems to have a cloudiness to it. Here eyes are not cloudy and her fins look fine. She is still eating very well. The cloudiness cannot be seen when looking at her...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hey I really would love to get a Queen Angel but have read everywhere that they eat the coral and aren't a good fit. Has anyone had success with one in a reef tank? People post if you have had good or bad luck with it. I would love to see what the success rate is. Thanks
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Ok Amigos! It's my birthday and I'm getting gift certificates to the lfs! :dance: I have a 240 fowlr with a 40 gallon sump stocked with a niger trigger, green bird wrasse, naso tang, hippo tang, one spot foxface rabbit and a royal gramma basslet and a few zoas. I would like to add one...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hello all, We have a 450g reef and are currently filling up a 360g predator tank to move the animals out of a 150. They both feed into a 300g sump/fuge/skimmer tub. We're running two Euro-Reef RS-250 skimmers. Nitrates creep up to 20 sometimes but a 150g water change takes care of that...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Again. Blue hippo tang. Achilles tang, &&my queen angel. I was just wondering if anyone knew how well achilles did with fighting off ich. &&if my angel had a good chance of survivng. I had a coral beauty who died before I even saw the ich. If anyone has any info that can help at all. Please share.
  10. :(

    General Reef Discussion
    ok so i had a blennie he went into a rock a hid ther i never saw him out fer 3 days, today he was on the sand dead i was sadd so im not putting any neww fish in my tank for like a week well... i bought my girlfriend a queen angel today :D its like her little baby now:ac15::rotflmao:
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Haven't bought any new fish in two months. No fish have died in the past 5 weeks. &&haven't seen any signs of ick in the past month. Think it may be time to buy a new fish. :)
  12. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    I have a 200 gallon tank that has been up for over 20 years. For the past year everything I put into it, except fish, dies. Finally yesterday we looked for possible Bristleworms at night. We were shocked. There were, no kidding, thousands. We have ordered a trap, but does anyone have any...
  13. nano build off 2008
    :)well santa brought my daughter an aquapod 24 for christmas:) ! well after looking it over i thought that the filtration wasn't very adaquite so the planning started. so far what i have done is to drill it out with two one inch bulkhead fittings ,one for the drain and one for the return. i...
  14. Substrate Free Tank Husbandry (Bare bottomed)
    It has been a long time since I've shared any pictures of my tanks. I don't fiddle around with them much. I just let the coral and fish grow. My 120 will be three years old in January. Here's what it looked like shortly after it was set up: Here we are this evening (anyone want some Xenia?)...
  15. Reef Fish
    Ok I fell In love with a fish so I bought It...How dumb was I???:confused:
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all...I have had a major disaster tonight. One of my hoses came detached on the tank and dumped 100-150 gals of water all over my basement. Not good! Ruined my carpets and other stuff... So...this is the last straw... With the baby coming and all, we don't need the headache anymore...
1-20 of 186 Results