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  1. Skimmers & other filtration
    This was the closest equipment category I could find... Okay, how many of you folks out there with a Bean Animal system were able to find all the parts as diagrammed at the bean animal site except for what seems like typos such as "Slix" instead of "Slip" and "NPT" versus "MPT"? The "1.5" x...
  2. DIY Forum
    I'm playing around with setting up my sump and created a DIY PVC overflow like this (multiple examples of pretty much the same thing): I have the check valve...
  3. DIY Forum
    Please help me with this 3/4" pvc over flow. This overflow have two overflow in 1 pipe, because they are not flow properly and create too much sudden drop down to the sump so I close it off 1 side overflow. It flow smoothly but once in the while the overflow get plug up, don't know why. I check...
  4. DIY Forum
    Ok, so I have built my DIY overflow pipe out of 2 inch PVC pipe. This thing works awesome. I have quieted my vortex by sticking a rubber tube down the inlet. But the sound of water coming down my pipes need to be quieted down. Any suggestions?
  5. DIY Forum
    Can anyone help me with this pvc overflow that I have design and is doesn't work. It doesn't siphon when I do the test. This is a 3/4" pvc overflow have a check valve, I connect my check valve to the air pump, the air pump work but it doesn't siphon. I don't know what I did wrong. Please have...
  6. DIY Forum
    so i made a 3/4 inch pvc over flow that is ganna go in my 40 breeder and drain to my 20 long does anyone have any input on a gph return pump.
1-6 of 6 Results