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  1. My New Baby Whole tank

    Here are 3 pictures of my tank. whole, left & right side. Lovin my rock wall!
  2. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    As stated, got a few things avalable to those willing to pick up. these will not be shipped as it is too much of a pain. Acan lord (the real original acan!!) Tony has to relinquish first rights though, about 6-7 polyps, naturally dropped not fragged blue tip stag purple tip stag purple...
  3. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    I was talking with TDWyatt today and he mentioned that he was interested in getting an order together for You get free shipping after you reach a certain point. This group buy will not be right away, we are aiming for March or April. This will give everyone a chance to look...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hopefully Whiskey will edit in what kind of corals these are I'll do my best August 07 Lower center of the picture, "Van's true" purple digi,.. Above it ORA green body, orange pylop Digi. Today Same as above, I dont' know what's in the back center though. Back center is "Van's true"...
  5. TCMAS
    I've hit the point where I'm restocking my new tank. With the teardown of the 150 and transition I've lost a few of my favorites. Basically I'm looking around the club to see if anyone has any of these from me that I could get back. I will gladly trade for them or buy them (if I sold them to...
  6. Sps

    Im looking to find out what would be an easy starter sps. something thats hardy yet still colorful. suggest any that you like, also where to get a frag or two. Thanks Joe Ps when the next meeting and where is it
  7. Atlanta Reef Club
    Trying to stock my tank some more. Does anybody have any frags available? I'm open to almost anything.
  8. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    Tuesday we are getting a bunch of ORA frags, here is what will be available: 2 - Scripps Green Tip Staghorn $50.00ea 3 - Chips Acro (green w/blue tips) $55.00ea 2 - Scripps Pink Millepora $50.00ea 2 - Rose Mille $50.00ea 1 - Blue Tort $55.00 1 - Indo Purple Tip Stag $50.00 1 - Pink and Green...
  9. TCMAS
    Hello all, I'm starting to acquire a nice collection of corals. I just want to make sure that I'm testing and dosing for everything I should be. If I'm missing a test kit or two - what brand/kit would you recommend? If I'm missing an additive or two - what brand/kit would you recommend? I...
  10. TCMAS
    Looking for a nice variety of SPS frags. Here is what I have so far in my 75... 1 - Perc 3 - green chromies 2 - peppermint shrimp - may be camelback - took care of my apstasia - killed my acan lords. 5 - turbos 1 - watchman goby 2 - torchus snails corals - green milli acro, bali tricolor...
  11. TCMAS
    check it out! Sweet pieces!
1-18 of 32 Results