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purple tip acro

  1. Atlanta Reef Club
    We plan on attending the May meeting and were wondering if there would be any very small frags for sell, rather than trade as we're just getting started and don't have anything to trade with. Also, how much are the frags generally so I know how much money to bring.
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Just learned that I'll be up in Redmond for work and was wondering if there are any LFS that is worth visiting. I'm looking for any that have lots of SPS. Also I'm visiting Kripy Kreme so any LFS around there would be cool.
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I know I haven't been around as much for a while so here are a few pics of how things are going. First, here is a pic of my tank, still new, still under a year old.
  4. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    Ok: I am looking for: pulsing Xenia, will trade what little I have to offer, or cash I have: 2 frags from the unidentified staghorn coral that came in as a hitchhiker on my FL live rock. unmounted and a pinkish color.
  5. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    Let's get those deals going! I have: 1 small orange montipora Digitas frag attached to rock 1 small purple montipora Capricornis frag attached to rock 1 purple mushroom w/ blue stripes, loose green star polyps attached to rock bag of Macros for Kim regular pulsing Xenia attached to an Abalone...
  6. Tank Specs
    Per Phill's request here are the vitals 75 gallon glass Hardwear Lighting: 4x96 W PC 2 @ 6700K & 2 @ 7100K On- Blue @ 7:30AM white @ 8:00AM Off-Blue @ 9:30PM White @ 9:00PM Sump/Refugium: 20 gallon long refugium reverse lit with a 65W Lights of...