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  1. Nano Tank

    2-11 nano tank update
  2. 20 Gallon Planted Tank

    20 gallon planted tank
  3. My First Reef Tank, 2009

    this are some pics of my 38 Gallon Tank with LR in it for now...
  4. Pics With Canon 100mm Macro

    Pictures after setting WB on camera
  5. Hofer Gurgle Buster

    they really work!
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Okay. For my tank (20g long w/ 130watts of light) would I be able to keep: Candy Cane or Orange/Purple Digi's?
  7. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Sorry if the pictures aren't the best Green Birdsnest $15 (picture of colony, frags are 1 to 2 inches) sold Elkhorn 2+ inches $15 (sold) mikejax Purple Digi and Orange digi - they're pretty small 1/2 to 1 inch $5 (these are pictures of the colony its off of)sold Large Lobo (8-10 inches...
  8. SPS Coral Forum
    I'll start: Idaho Grape Montipora overtaking a Birdnest Coral:
  9. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    I need to thin out a few thing. Will trade for anything I dont have especially zoos. Teal green candycane very large puffy heads $1 per head (about 5 per cluster) I have 30 or so heads Orange / Red Monti Cap large 4-5" peice $15 frags $5 Purple Digi $5 per frag 2"+ Blue tip / Red millie...
  10. Off Topic Margaritaville Lounge
    Good Morning Everyone!:wavey: I could use a little more sleep. Hope everyone else got enough
  11. General Reef Discussion
    these guys all live in my 55 ora nakid clown ora and yellow watch man ( oog and Belle) tailspot blenny named lulu purple digi ok pic of orange/red monti baby frog spawn and my fav... birdsnest
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Birdsnest july 07 feb 08 blue tip stag 12/07 2/08 elk horn and pink mili green poccilipora from chris green cap purple rim
  13. General Reef Discussion
    alrighty gang I have a mysstery that I need help solving. Here's the story... 55 gallon tank - set up since June of 06 (4) 54 watt t5's css125 ton of power heads I run carbon in a bag in my 10 gallon sump just went BB like 2 weeks ago up until then ssb that was changed out every 6 months...
  14. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    He He He Here is what I came home with from our meeting/swap last weekend. Blue Millie from Parasite (Brett) a lil bleached but quickly getting color. "Atomic" Candycane from Dave Xenia from Bklynmet (Joe) I lost a few stems :( Orange Ric from Grallster (Dave) Purple Digi From...
  15. nano build off 2008
    Well I'm going to try this nano thing one more time. I'm hopeing that this build off helps me stay diligent this time. I have had this 5.5 gallon set up twice befor with poor results. Last time I had everything housed within the tank with the lt rear corner sectioned off to hide the heater and...
  16. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Purpple digi frag... this frag and a few more in later photos came from a little bitty piece that was overrun by xenia. I pulled the xenia off and left alone for 6 months.. viola.. Feathers at base of closed toadstool.. can you see the chromis? Zoas/palys I got from Todd.. they were green...
1-20 of 165 Results