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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Its been a while since I've been on this forum, but I found my login information and now I need some help. I've got one pump that is going out on me and I'd like to replace both my pumps at the same time. I've heard the Maxi-jet 1200 pumps work but everything I read was from 2010. I've also...
  2. Marine Depot
    What you need to know about FLOW Water flow is an integral part of coral biology and necessary for keeping corals in captivity
  3. Marine Depot
    WAV Price Drop - Save $50 SUMMER SALE! $50 off Neptune Systems WAV Pump Kit + $25 off Single WAV Pump!
  4. Marine Depot
    We're PUMPED about the WaveLink and MightyJet! We've got photos, video, and speak to the company about their new WaveLink and MightyJet pump lines
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    $25 off AquaMaxx Pumps with ANY Sump Purchase Get better flow & cleaner water with this special offer!
  6. Marine Depot
    Built For Your Most Demanding Flow Requirements Abyzz Pumps Now Available @ Marine Depot!
  7. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    Hi all, I currently have two Hydor 425 gph circulation pumps and a MJ1200 return pump on my BC29. I like the Current Eflux circulation pumps and want to upgrade, however, the smallest size is 660 gph. Would one at full power be better than having two with reduced power on my Biocube? Thanks
  8. General classifieds
    I upgraded and down graded some of my equipment and am selling off a few items I'm not using. My LFS will give me a store credit for these items but figured I'd see if anyone needs them. I will ship if buyer pays shipping cost. Iwaki MD-70RLT (japenese model) $200 - Sold 93 Gallon Cube Stand...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 40b with a sump. In the past, I have been Using two pumps to pump form my display to my sump and back to the sump. I flooded my house 5 times. I am adding an overflow box to my set-up. Does my pump have to be the exact size (in gph) as my overflow? Or can the pump be 100gph if the...
  10. Marine Depot
    Return Pumps: Save up to $50! Black Friday Daily Deals! TODAY: 15% off Pan World Pumps! How to Choose a Properly Sized Return Pump for Your Saltwater Aquarium
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I have a Danner Supreme mag drive utility pump, hard plumbed into my sump in the basement back to my display. I needed to fix an electrical issue in my house, and turned off 2 breakers, one of them being the line my tank/pump is on. I fixed the issue, turned everything back on, and all is...
  12. Skimmers & other filtration
    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone has had luck with using an aftermarket or different type of skimmer pump than the original one. I have a 220 Coralife Super Skimmer which is showing it's age. I think the design is OK, but I've been having problems with the pump aging. Has anyone used an...
  13. Reefing Equipment
    Hey guys, new here and am trying to spec out my first reef tank build. I decided on the Innovative Marine nuvo fusion 20 gallon tank, and was wanted to upgrade the return pump. I was looking at the tunze silence 1073.020 it has about 600gph and I was wondering if this would be too much flow for...
  14. Marine Depot
    VIDEO: How to Choose a Properly Sized Return Pump Find out optimal tank turnover, learn how to calculate head pressure, and more!
  15. Marine Depot
    Fine-tune your flow! Improve your water circulation (with savings up to 25%) plus check out Brightwell Aquatic's revolutionary new XPORT biological filter media!
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I recently purchased a turbo twist uv sterilizer (18 Watt). I was wondering what people are using for their pumps? I have the pump mounted right next to my sump on the bottom of the tank stand. Would something with about a 300 gph be what i am looking for? Would a maxijet 1200 pump be ok or...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Hi All, I am in desperate need of a couple of new fitting for my waveline DC 6000 pump. I have searched the internet up and down and cannot find them let alone a number for the manufacturer. Specifically the suction side. The pump is about a year old and a month ago it started sucking air at...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    What is the best, inexpensive pump to use for water changes?
  19. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Almost new, used on a few water changes only. $60 OBO
  20. Marine Depot
    VIDEO: How to Choose the Right Powerhead In today's video, we'll explain how to select the perfect pump for your aquarium size and livestock. Already have a tank going? Let us know your tank size and what you're using for flow! Until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping!
1-20 of 433 Results