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  1. The THINK Tank
    Hi everyone, I am planning to upgrade from a 14g Fluval all in one tank to a 65g reef tank. The problem I’m running into is the cabinet I am putting the tank in is an existing built in that was originally made for an old school TV. The area will accommodate a 65g (36”x18”x24”) -wall opening...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Tons of supplies and equipment for sale. PM me with offers for specific items or selling whole lot for $200. Mars aqua light, Protein Skimmer (up to 180 gallons) Sump, Bulk reef supply and Fauna Marin supplements (125 value when bought - barely used any), Several pumps, Timers, Jebao...
  3. Marine Depot
    How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from Overflowing PLUS: Enter the Photo of the Month Contest presented by Marine Depot!
  4. Marine Depot
    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps! PLUS: 15% off JBJ Chillers and our Product Review Drive End Soon!
  5. Marine Depot
    Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFF Hot rodding and customizing your Somatic filter is easy!
  6. DIY Forum
    trying to put down all of the parts and dimensions i used to build my current dual beckett skimmer i use on the 300g tank. this first post is just a parts dump to get started. Skimmer parts. 25-nylon thumb screws knurled head 1/4”-20 1-1/2” 25-nylon nuts 1/4”-20 25-nylon wing nuts 1/4”-20...
  7. Marine Depot
    Curve Elite Skimmers Have Landed Powered by Quiet & Dependable Sicce Pumps: Curve Elite, NOW IN STOCK!
  8. Marine Depot
    Rare below MAP pricing on Vertex Save up to $162.50 Vertex Omega Protein Skimmers :bigeek: Win the World's First Floating Algae Scrubber-a $500 value!
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Does anyone have a Aqua Euro Usa 135 protein skimmer that could give me some tips to dial it in. I've read a few threads on adjusting skimmers but nothings worked so far on this one. If adjusted to wet it fills the top chamber and not the collection cup, and anything else I get nothing. Any help...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all- I recently purchased a bio cube protein skimmer for my bio cube 32 tank. It did not come with any directions and I'm a little lost in how to set it up. Can anyone give me some direction? Thank you! :o
  11. Marine Depot
    The latest innovations from Innovative Marine are HERE Innovative Marine is not afraid to take risks with aquarium design. They offer shallow reefs, lagoons, drop-offs, and peninsulas in a variety of sizes. Each aquarium has high clarity glass, black silicone lines and a templated overflow...
  12. Member Classifieds
    This is a barely used (came on once every 2 days via Apex for 9 months) Vertex Neck Cleaner Engine. It is attached to the Vertex 180 skimmer lid, but it can be used with any lid you want to modify, or purchase their universal lid. $100 shipped via UPS anywhere in the CONUS.
  13. Marine Depot
    Skimmer, Tank, & Sump Pairings You'll ❤ Keep water clean and look great doing it!
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi, everybody! My wife and I are finally making the jump to a saltwater tank with the hope of going straight to reef but we may start with FOWLR and then transition into reef. We have had freshwater tanks for about 10 years and have been doing quite a bit of reading on setting up and maintaining...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all, I am going to be setting up a new tank very shortly. The tank is going to be 3ft x 2ft x 2ft, with sump. I have decided on 2 radion xr15 pro (gen 4) lights as I'm wanting to keep a variety of softies, LPS and SPS. At the moment most of my questions are around the sump - I previously...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Any good plans for a DIY protein skimmer
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all I just upgraded from 180ltr to 1000ltr.Im wondering how long each day i should run my skimmer.Its an Aqua medic Turboflotor 5000 compact.I was thinking 3 hours through the night each day?P.S my tank is 12 week old and i have a 2"yellow tang,3-4 "Lipstic tang,2 × 4" Maroon clowns,2"...
  18. Marine Depot
    Rack up BONUS rewards on Deltec Earn 7% back on any Deltec purchase for a limited time!
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Just looking to get some insight on what way to run my protein skimmer. I have a tunze 9001 running in my fluval m60 (24gallon all in one) which has seemed to be doing pretty good besides the fact that i'm getting some film on the surface in the back of my tank. It's a tight sqeeze when i put...
1-19 of 500 Results