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  1. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    Here are the to add a skimmer?
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum (but not to fish keeping) and I need some shark info. I have a 700 gal, 30" tall x 8' round indoor pond that I used to keep arowanas in. After an unfortunate accident involving a single gap in the lid, I decided to consider turning it saltwater and keeping some...
  3. Freshwater Discussion
    Does anyone own or have had any previous experience with a tropical fish pond? I live in SoCal and love tetras so I recently started a 300 gallon above ground pond that is heated by 3 500 watt heaters and has a large pond filter. It is also in a shaded area with lots of plants like anubias and...
  4. Non Coral Dominated Systems
    What diameter of pool/pond do Epaulette Sharks need? It would be 1.5ft. deep.
  5. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I am in the process of digging a pond in my back yard. It is going to be about 12 foot long and 8 foot wide 4 foot deep give or take also kidney shaped to make it easier to stack up rock for a water fall. I am just looking for advice on ideas on the design of it. Good place to get material like...
  6. Freshwater Discussion
    I definitely have a leak in my cement pond. For a small leakage, does anyone know of any product I can use for a quick fix? Also, any recommendation on the morta mixture, thinset, etc I should use for a real fix? Thanks.
  7. Freshwater Discussion
    Why does pond water vapor so fast in the winter? I live in Boston and we are around 30F on average during winter. My 12x10 feet pond doesn't freeze up but I notice that the water level has been dropping dramatically. Given leakage is not an issue, any idea?
  8. Freshwater Discussion
    hey everyone i was thinking about getting a pond but i dont know much on them. i would like to get a plastic pond with a couple goldfish in it so i need to know what would i need to get and what would i need to do to it maintenace wise. thanks:fish:
  9. Freshwater Discussion
    I just got a little 50 gallon pre fab pond to tinker around with in my back yard. I'm thinking simple simple simple. How much water flow does one want for something that is more of a water garden even though it may have a few cheapo goldfish. I am considering making a little waterproof area...
1-10 of 10 Results