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  1. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Hi y'all, I bought a Xenia frag recently and there were 2 interesting things on it that I would like to know. 1st attachment has the appearance of some sort of GSP that I've never seen before. The 2nd attachment are a whole load of these purple polyps bedding the frag rock and have a white center.
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys, I walked into my basement earlier today to take a look at my tank, and when I got down there I noticed that my Cinnamon Polyps were closed quite a bit. Right below them on a rock I saw an(at least what I think) emerald crab. Ive had them in the past with no issues, but know they can...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Can anyone identify what these polyps are? I was ok with it when there were just a few. Now, they are spreading everywhere. Any advice on how to control them or completely get rid of them?
  4. "Soft" corals
    I recently got some mystery polyps about 3 days ago and they're still not open. Ammonia/nitrites:0. Nitrates bout 5ppm. I have it on my sand bed right now in a low/medium flow area. Any reason my polyps wouldn't be open yet?
  5. SPS Coral Forum
    So i have had my midnight angel for quite some time now, atleast a couple of months. I bought him with the understanding he might eat a zoa hear or there. For a while now my Birdsnest has been looking a little mangy, white spots appearing hear and there, I could not figure out what was going on...
  6. "Soft" corals
    Over the course of the last few months I've noticed my star polyp colony growing some unusual branching formations. I've never seen another colony do this before. Is it common? And as you can see, the branches are mostly obscured when the colony is fully extended. I've noticed it...
  7. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Hi. I bought an established tank from someone. They told me that these were polyps. But I think that they might be a type of pest anemone? What do you think?
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hi! I bought a colony of Green Star Polyps, they looked perfectly fine at the LFS and they were all open! A week later they haven't opened. Some of them have come out a little bit but look like a shriveled flower. Now they seem to have a white/clear film growing on them! My other button polyps...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I have these hermit crabs that I wanna put in my tank but im afraid they will eat my corals. I dont know what type of hermit crab they are. Can someone give me a suggestion...I also have these white polyps that look like the polyps on a sea whip, but its not a sea whip.
  10. General Reef Discussion
    My birdsnest is starting to grow purple polyps with the new growth, but the old ones are staying green. Is this something I should be worried about? Also, I forgot what type of bn this is... if anyone knows I would appreciate an ID. Thanks!
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I recently just bought my first group of coral Frags, I got 2 mushrooms and two polyps. I was wondering If anyone had any tips for me. I placed the two Polyps near the top of the tank and the mushrooms down in the sandbed. I attached some pics so you can see the specific types of mushrooms and...
  12. "Soft" corals
    My 30gal tank has been set up for about 2 months now. Recently returning to the hobby but still very new. My situation is I bought some LR from my LFS that a guy brought in after taking down his tank of 6 years (so I was told). I got a coralline swamped shell and piece of rock. On the shell...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I am seeking a little help/advice with zoas. Since the beginning, I have been struggling with zoas for reasons unknown. I understand that generally, they are hearty corals and should be easy to manage. But I just cannot seem to get ANYTHING to go in my tank! I have several other corals which are...
  14. "Soft" corals
    Seriously cleaned my tank today and noticed that as my tanks transitions to night mode that man these zoas/palys are glowing more than ever.
  15. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I'm here in Jacksonville, and I need to downsize for an impending move and new baby. I've met many of you over the years (Mike, Smooth, etc) and was hoping someone might be in the market... I'm looking to sell EVERYTHING together. Lots of extras as well. I'm asking $1900 negotiable and I'm...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Ok, so I actually started this build back at the end of august. Ive been reading alot here on TRT but havent posted much so if figured why not now. Now i am still a bit new to some of the things here regarding posting pics and things like that. so any help in that area would be much...
  17. LPS Coral Forum
    ID coral. green polyps on single trunk like leather. I acquired this coral when I made a bulk purchase, (wife did :D) It was found ome of the tanks when we did the tear down. The owner had no clue what it was. And at the time I don't blame him. It looked like a brown slimy bogger. Over the...
  18. Anemones
    Hey all, I am VERY new to marine keeping.. I am doing something many will disagree with, however, it works for me and my little community is happy. I am live in Italy, and I have created a temperate mediterranean tank with a few hardy indo species added for color... I run my tank at 24...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, I bought some polyps as one one of the first corals in my tank. My tank has been set up a year, so I got them 10 months ago or so. They are purple colored. I have since then bought other polyp colonies. These have look great, because they are open when the lights are on. My purple...
  20. "Soft" corals
    About a week ago i introduced these polyps to my tank. The first day or two they looked great and seemed very healthy. The last 2 or 3 days now i've had more and more heads closing. I am fairly new to the saltwater business so any help is appreciated. Running 2 LED ecoxotic 48 inch strips one...
1-20 of 125 Results