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  1. "Soft" corals
    I received a very very small frag of a Green Star Polyp [Picture Left] and I want it to grow so it has a nice hill-like look such as the picture on the right. In order to do this... Do i need to take the star polyp off the frag base and put it on a nice round rock and wait for it to spread...
  2. Tank Shots

    Tank Shots before restructuring
  3. My Dog Leo

    German Shepherd mix
  4. General Reef Discussion
    They have not opened up in over a week. Everything else seem to be doing ok I think? Parameters all seem to be in check. The only thing my lights are old but would this affect them all of a sudden?
  5. Colleen's Reef Tank <3

    My reef tank that Ive had for about 2 years now. With current fish.
  6. General classifieds
    for sale a green button polyp rock with 100+ polyps for 70 dollars a yellow polyp rock 50+polyps for 35 dollars, a 1 inch red monti cap for 15 dollars, a florescent orange rings with blue to pink center zoas over a 150 polyps for 70 dollars and pink zoas 200 plus polyps and 6 blue mushrooms for...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    My frogspawn has almost made a full recovery give it a couple more days;say 3-4 more- Frogspawn frogspawn under actinics full tank shot maturing clown trumpet coral frag trumpetcoral frag under actinics mushroom rock baby mushroom baby ric polyp rock 30+ heads blue spotted mushroom
  8. Nano Reefs
    Hi everyone :wavey: I'm setting up a 12g nano reef tank and I had a question (big surprise huh :)) anywhooo,, my question is about cycling the tank, is there a guide out there that could tell me the rules of this procedure? I want to do everything very slowly and take my time with this...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    i have a star polyp rock and was thinking since they are suposed to spread fast would it be possible to glue pieces on the plastic back wall of my biocube and have them grow to cover the wall? ow will they only matt onto rocks?
  10. NFMAS Member Tanks
    OK, I'm a little late in the game to be staring a tank thread, but here goes. I'll go ahead and post some pics from the beginning up until today. I think my little tank has come a long way in a year and a half!! Here goes: Here was my tank when it was FOWLR back almost 2 years ago: This was...
  11. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    I am planning on ordering one or two ric's from and I'm wondering if anyone around here would like to make it a group by to save on shipping. It says 2 day shipping is $25 but I'd rather have overnight and I'm sure it will be somewhere around $50 so if anyone wants to join...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I know its not the best picture, but all I could do while its still in the bag. It is a spider like thing and moves very slow. I have not seen one of these before. Is it a good or bad thing before I put the polyp rock in the tank, should I remove him? Moves slow. Mike [/URL][/IMG]...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everybody. I am new to your forum and found it while searching for information about majano anemones. I hear they are quite a pest. I am new to marine/reef tanks and am learning via the crash course. lol I am getting my tank set up and noticed my first living "thing" in the tank. I have...
  14. nano build off 2008
    Cynthia and I are in it to win it with our 28 gallon bowfront. Our goal is a very simple easy to maintain tank that we can easily move with happy tankmates. We plan to do this with easy to take care of fish, inverts and corals backed up by minor mathematical, engineering and veterinary...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Well I have an 80 gallon reef and all its coral seems to be doing really well exept for my Polyps. I was told that it could be because they are being exposed to way to much light but i only have my lights on for 8 hours and everything else looks great. Anyone else got any ideas?
  16. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I just purchased these little beauties: 10 polyp colony rock of beautiful orange Ricordia florida that look exactly like these: a 5 polyp rock of blue Ricordia florida that look like this(except a few have pink mouths): and this guy: these will all be going into my new NC6 along with these...
  17. Margaritaville
    Good morning, everyone! Coffee is on and smelling good. I've never started the weekend thread, so if another mod wants to change the title, s'ok by me :) I'm off to Columbia (SC) for The Walk For Life (breast cancer walk). You all have a great day. I'll see you later.
1-19 of 154 Results