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  1. Marine Depot
    New Videos: WXM Module, Majano Wand, and Poly Filters! More fast facts about our customers' favorite products!
  2. Nano Reefs
    I need help. I have a 10 gal tank with 11lbs of live rock, 2 clown fish, 1 cleaner shrimp, 5 snails, 1 torch coral frag, 1 hammer coral frag and a zoanthid frag. I have a fluval filtration going and I recently tossed out the media filter because they were dirty. I have a poly filter inside of it...
  3. Branching Ca

    Branching CA
  4. New Coral

  5. General Reef Discussion
    Anyone ever heard of or use a product called poly filter made by poly bio-marine? Our local FS sold us some to clear up the water when we switched from crushed coral to live sand. It seems to be working nicely, but Im wondering if this should be a long term addition or something we should take...
  6. Zoas And More Zoas

    I love zoas. They are the easiest most funnest coral to collect in this hobby.
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Can a tank have too low of nutrient levels? I have a big skimmer, run carbon that is changed weekly and phos removing media, along with purigen, and poly filter. This isnt as complicated as it sounds...all of this is packed into a length of 3inch pipe that is reduced to have a mj 1200 pump water...
  8. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    I am sure I will have a lot of questions for bear with me. We would like to add some vegetation into our 33 gallong long tank and copepods. In doing some reading I am leaning towards finding 1 or 2 mangroves and also some caulerpa. I know I can add the mangroves into the tank...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I wanted to run media (carbon, polyfilter, etc) on my tank so I got a canister filter (Fluval 404). It has always SUCKED!!! It has leaked massively when tipped since day one, it builds up air inside constantly, self priming has NEVER worked, it makes a racket when running, and sometimes it...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    how often do u guys replace your floss if u use any.
  11. nano build off 2008
    I have been looking at the build off for a couple of weeks and I guess its time to take the step. I have had a 30 gallon tank sitting here since I swapped it out for a 40 breeder as a sump under the 90. I pulled it out and set it in the basement 6 months ago. The DSB and the old rubble is still...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I just bought a used 30g acrylic sump and I wanted to clean it up before it goes into the stand. It has dried sand all over the walls and bottom. Right now, it is soaking in vinegar water. I don't have an acrylic scrub pad. What can I use to clean it off without scratching it up? It doesn't...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everyone 7 weeks into the tank setup and I have green algae growing in the tank again. I had the brown algae that the snails and crabs took care of. Now I have the green stringy algae everywhere. I clean the glass the next day is coated. The parameters are ok. No nitrates. Only live...
  14. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Well, adding to the list of new toys I've bought for my tank, today I picked up a Mag-Float glass cleaner and a refractometer from Premium Aquatics. With the T5 fixture over my tank, it's a real pain to get my arms into the tank, let alone a big long scaper. So hopefully the magnetic cleaner...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    What's the BEST canister to buy.... if I JUST want to have carbon media and bioballs and have all the FOAM removed. (I dont want any foam in the canister because it just another thing I have to clean the gunk/crap out of and have to replace foam every 3-4months... no thanks, my reef will do...
1-19 of 159 Results