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    So in the next 6 weeks or so I'm going to be stocking my 90 gallon w/30 gallon sump. The only thing I'm set on is having a pair of true perculas. My question I want to ask is: what is your most entertaining reef fish and WHY. I want fish that have personallity and offer a bit of entertainment...
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    Hi m i'm trying to post a poll but when ever i put a new thread the option is not there. I'm very new to this site , maybe its not letting me do it for some reason, can you help, thanks.
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    wondering if while we are sleeping.....if our fish are actually having meetings over by that big rock...and taking polls & casting VOTES on what kind of Fish-Owners we are.....or is it actually our anemones that are talking behind our backs when we aren't looking...? . . . . . . .