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    I have just finished building my 29 gallon sump and know am wondering what i need to put in it besides the skimmer. Like what kind of media in between baffles, or what kind of other machines. What kind of pumps etc.
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    In my free time I like to stare at my tank (that's what it's for right?) and I'm always wondering what else I will do with it, whether it's in the immediate future or 6 months down the road, and this past week plumbing has been on my mind. See, while working around my sump, I pushed a bucket...
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    So a tank (60 gallon), I acquired is drilled on the bottom with a 1" bulkhead. I found this for sale on craigslist and was wondering if I could use is as a decent sump (i know its not too big but it will work for now.) he is...