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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hello all, Quick question. Do plating montipora attach themselves to rocks? I got a frag a week ago. Started off in the sand. Moved them up about 3 inches on a rock this morning before work. I noticed when I got home it appears to be attaching to the rock. Is this normal? Thank you for time.
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hello Everyone, Today I bought a beautiful bright orange plating montipora. When i was putting it in my tank there was excessive slime release from the edges and some of the white growth ring disintegrated at the edges where the slime was given off. My water parameters are perfect Ca=465...
  3. Softies

  4. Algae Turf Scrubber

    My first algae turf scrubber
  5. Tank Specs
    Sup, new guy here so guess I'll list off what I'm werk'in with here! 30 gallon Oceanic cube with 10 gallon sump/fuge setup with skimmer ehime 80 gl canister filter with some carbon and allot of pads and bio balls. Filter runs to a 60w UV sterilizer at about 40 to 45 gph for optimal use of...
  6. Off Topic Margaritaville Lounge
    Morning Stooges -1 here this morning
  7. Substrate Free Tank Husbandry (Bare bottomed)
    Well, I've had a "BB" tank for 2 years now, but it's only in the past month that I actually had a real BB tank. That is because (i feel) I had too much rock, poor flow patterns, and def. not enough fish, or skimming. Here was my tank at it's...
  8. TCMAS
    Just need to come pick it up tomorrow. Respond here if you are interested.
  9. Substrate Free Tank Husbandry (Bare bottomed)
    Hello, I'm new here, and I'm glad that I found the new home of the BB-tank keepers. I'm Leonardo, 22 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I'm setting up a cube-shaped tank, bare-Bottom of course... System: 86 Gallon Shallow Cube 15 Gallon Sump MTT1 Skimmer Tunze 6110 (3170 G/h)...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Whats the best way to feed this stuff? Can i just put a pinch in the water or do i have to spot feed my corals? The kind i have is the freeze dried stuff.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I don't have any pictures of my own yet but I would like to see some pics of your showpeice or "special" coral:agree:
  12. Atlanta Reef Club
    I have the following frags available for trade at the meeting: Green montipora digitata (plenty of frags)- Nhan, Orange montipora digitata (plenty of frags)- Nhan, Tan/purple rim plating montipora Blue tip acro stag (plenty of frags) - Nhan, Ray Pink acro milli (plenty of frags) Eric Red skirt...
  13. Atlanta Reef Club
    Im trying to get rid of my 200, so in the meantime, I have a 75 with minimal zoas, ricordea and star polyps. I have absoultely no money, infact I owe my parents 300 for buying that 200, so once I sell it, i have to give some of it to my parents. There is no telling of how long it'll take to sell...
  14. Classified Archives
    back in september i moved my tank from a nice large cozy house where it had been for two years to a tiny little house with crappy water just down the street. needless to say, i lost 90% of my livestock. im looking for some: pink birdsnest plating montiporas - green/purple rim, purple...
1-20 of 52 Results