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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I am trying to plan out my sump for my tank. I am probably going to buy a 20 gallon tank (not 20 L the 20L wont fit in the stand.) and I am just wondering if a setup like I have below would work? Only having 24 inches to work with is causing me a little bit of problems. Here is what i have as a...
  2. Tank Specs
    **Under Construction** Current Phase: Planning / Procurement Scope: Re-purpose 55 gallon fresh water display tank with few inhabitants as sump for new saltwater 75 gallon display tank. 75 Gallon Display Tank Stock NONE AT THIS TIME 55 Gallon Sump Tank Equipment Aqueon 200 W Heater ESHOPPS...
  3. Reefing Equipment
    Hello all! So I have been eating up all of the excellent information here on this site and I think have a good plan for my first saltwater setup. I was wondering if you guys could look over anything and see if I missed something important. Like I said, this is my first ever saltwater (reef...
  4. Skimmers & other filtration
    Hi all, I have decided to use a 30 long to save some money on my sump. Would anyone have any plans I could use in order to build this sump. I am using it with my 90 gallon aquarium. Thanks
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Share with everyone; > your 2013 reef regrets > your 2013 reef successes > your 2014 reef HOPES!!!
  6. DIY Forum This is a good link that tells you all the materials you need and draws up simple plans for you! Just type the details in and your ready to go!!
  7. DIY Forum
    Hey guys, new here but I've had a salt water aquarium for a while now. Ive always been the DIY kind of guy and wanted to see what you guys think of my skimmer pump design things, I wanna go ahead and get some feed back before I go off and buy tube acrylic. The outlet will be a hose so that it...
  8. DIY Forum
    Alright everyone, I have been researching plans/designs for a sump/refugium build. I have found a few places online that helped me out, Though I only found ONE place that actually gave a decent guide to build your own. Now I say this from a newbie aspect. Places like are Great...
  9. DIY Forum
    hey everyone. i am in the process of trying to plan out my new stand. I was going to build it like i did my 75 gallon with 4x4s as the supporting legs but after thinking about it, it would be a tight squeeze to fit my refugium in there. Does anyone have a good set of plans or pictures of their...
  10. Reefing Equipment
    ok, I have been looking for a 90 gallon tank for a reef tank. What is a reef ready tank? is it just the overflow box built in the tank?
1-10 of 10 Results