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  1. Tank 10-10-11

    tank 10-10-11 250 USG
  2. Bta

    Nursing bta
  3. General Reef Discussion
    sorry i havent been on here much lately, but i got sometime to snap some new photos of some frags i have picked up recently... hope you enjoy 1. greenbay packer zoos 2. sunshine eating 3. pink zoos 4. pink hammer 5. ORA Tri color valida 6. ORA Rose milli 7. neon green candy...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    my radioactive dragon eyes are growing at an insane rate, everyday almost i see a new head starting. the whammin watermelons have not had ANY growth and in fact i think have thined out. They are never open like they were under pc lighting. since they move to the aquapod with 150hqi they look...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I just found this in my tank the other day. I haven't added anythink to this tank in months, must have come in as a tiny snail. I have seen others. my concern is that it is one of those nasty zoo eating snails, and I just bought $120 worth of blue, red, and pink zoos, and don't want them...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    The 24g looked really good today after a long overdue waterchange so I snapped a few pics The brains The Cover Girl wanna be Pink Palys
  7. General Reef Discussion
    well i added another tank to the mix but am jumping from nanos(20g,10g, and a 5.5g) to a 60g all are hex but 5.5 any ways i saw this and talked to the guy and looks good to me but i would just check. Hardware: 60G Hex + canopy + stand Dual 250w MH (Although I only use 1 now) (2) 14k MH...
  8. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    I am looking for a small frag of the following: Bubble gum pink or Pepto pink zoos pulsing pink sinularia- pulses very slow :thumbup:
  9. Tank Specs
    Here is my new tank. It is a custom 65gallon oceanic tank. It measures 48x15x21 making it 65.5gallons actual. Contents so far are as follows: 40lbs fine to medium live sand 38lbs LR (45lbs more is curing as we speak) AC110 setup as refugium with 2lbs rubble and Cheato Algea Penguin 200...
  10. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    I bought some pink zoos a week ago, and they have little worms on them. it looks as though they have spider web string coming out of them that they let out. Are they eating my zoos? I always see them sticking their heads out over the top of the polyps. They are small and slender. Is this a...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    My pink zoos were being stared upon by my gaze as one polyp spit out something. Why did it close and shoot?
  12. General classifieds
    Ricordea, mushrooms, zoos for sale Okay guys... gotta thin out my softy stock. All pictures here are all the animals I'm offering up, but some I'll be breaking into smaller pieces, because I want to keep for myself at least one of every kind of ricordea. The zoos are ALL going away though...
  13. NFMAS Members only
    FISH Rosceafacia Wrasse..... Awesome reef fish Masuda Hog..... Also known as a Peppermint Hog...Another sweet reef fish Scott's Fairy Wrasse ....Fiji Lubbocks Wrasse Red Stripe Gobt.... Nano Orange Spot Goby with Shrimp Partner Blue Speckled Goby Diamond Goby Bluespotted Watchman Goby Watanbie...
  14. TCMAS
    I am coming down south to the cities this weekend. I could still use a few pieces of good sized liverock for my tank. I would even take baserock, maybe even dry rock :) Always looking for corals, too. Just about any softies or LPS - candycane, brain, blasto, colt, Kenya tree, leather...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    So today I got a frag of pink zoos for $10... he said it had ten polyps, but it's more like 20. It hasn't opened yet, but you can see the pink tentacles poking out, and I can hardly wait to see what's hiding within! Then tonight I tried to take a macro shot of my firefish... you ever try to...
  16. General classifieds
    I have a 10g tank thats in my daughter's room to much work. with 2 tanks. selling everything asking $350 1 return pump 2 aqua lifter pumps overflow box float switch 130 watt cf custom made sump protein skimmer 24 watt cf for refugium 35 pounds live rock fire fish pink zoos green zoos stand...
1-20 of 75 Results