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  1. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Sorry everyone, I tried to merge the original thread to the "our first group buy" thread and then realized that was too confusing. This is Scott's original post.
  2. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Hello "Aquarium Club" finally got some time to work out a system to do this that we think is going to benefit everyone. ORA has great corals, they come fully encrusted on a frag plug, are hardy , and are some of my favorites in the hobby. Prices will be pm'd upon request and prices will also...
  3. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    I was talking with TDWyatt today and he mentioned that he was interested in getting an order together for You get free shipping after you reach a certain point. This group buy will not be right away, we are aiming for March or April. This will give everyone a chance to look...
  4. Atlanta Reef Club
    Hi all. My tank has been getting crowded for awhile now and it is time to clean it out some. Not to mention, the extra money will come in handy for Christmas. So I am fragging a majority of things in my tank. I am including a link to all of my pics. The first pic has everything for sale...
  5. Substrate Free Tank Husbandry (Bare bottomed)
    Well, I've had a "BB" tank for 2 years now, but it's only in the past month that I actually had a real BB tank. That is because (i feel) I had too much rock, poor flow patterns, and def. not enough fish, or skimming. Here was my tank at it's...
  6. Massachusetts North Shore Marine and Reef Club
    I wish I could say it was for my display......but I'm talking about my coral QT. This weekend I gotta reinforce my shelf for the bigger QT. It will consist of a 40 gallon low with a 45 gallon sump. I'll install an auto top off system and use the same equipment I did for the 10: Prizm hang on...
  7. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    Tuesday we are getting a bunch of ORA frags, here is what will be available: 2 - Scripps Green Tip Staghorn $50.00ea 3 - Chips Acro (green w/blue tips) $55.00ea 2 - Scripps Pink Millepora $50.00ea 2 - Rose Mille $50.00ea 1 - Blue Tort $55.00 1 - Indo Purple Tip Stag $50.00 1 - Pink and Green...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    I acquired all this stuff, including two nice pieces of LR for $ was very nice and downgrading his tank. I love nice people!
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, Someone in my town is downgrading their tank and is able to give me the following corals (they just want them to go to a "good home"). I am getting MH's in a month and currently only have PCs. Can these live in PCs for a month and how difficult are they to care for (special...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    hahaha...okay. I've been promising several pics for quite some time now..and have been slacking. Rather than posting several threads...i'm just gonna group them all here over several posts... first...I just had my basement finished. And as a true reef-o-holic, I rationed off some room for...
  11. Atlanta Reef Club
    UPDATED: I am going to be hosting a frag-fest/coral sale at my house (Acworth) on Sunday January 8th at 2pm to 4pm. Up for grabs are the following items: Purple tipped Acro - frags $15 (4 left) Green hammer (3 heads) with 2 clowns - $50 (on-hold for Sharkboy) Orange Fungia - $40 Florescent...
  12. Atlanta Reef Club
    new pictures: purple rim cap: green slimer and white hydnophora: milleporas: blue acro: purple and orange montipora capricornis: blue acro #2: green and pink pocillopora: blue acro #2: milleporas:
  13. Atlanta Reef Club
    Female Anthias chasing the male: Black Clown from Power Buy: Some growth on my blue tip (compare with my avatar pic from a few months ago):
  14. TCMAS
    Everything is at Jerry's now so you can go pick and fight over it :lol: With me going off to college and everything I've decided it would not be a wise decision to keep an SPS style reef tank going. This was probably best said by our VP - Do your dream tank even if it's for a year; you can...
  15. TCMAS
    Zoo's and Ric's. Coming to metro on Monday TODAY Also Acro frags ? Let me know if I should be stopping by? Thanks for all who reply.
1-19 of 27 Results