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  1. Atlanta Reef Club
    Here is some more stuff in the tank I have for sale... some of it not posted previously... Pictures below... BIG cleaner shrimp - $25 Electric Green Fungia - $35 Blastomussa merleti - SOLD Green/Pink Branching Hammer- 10 Heads - $45 (great to frag up) Pink rim Monti. Cap. frags - $10 each...
  2. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    Ok, everyone knows we are moving soon to Kansas and that I have sold of most of all my livestock and the 80 gallon tank, stand and canopy. I have kept all of my dry goods including skimmer, lighting etc to set up bigger and better in Kansas. I have set my 29 back up temporarily with my beloved...
  3. Atlanta Reef Club
    Has anyone seen any good looking hammer corals in any of the LFS, I would prefer the neon green coloration. I have seen some on the online retailers but would rather pick out the piece myself and not have to worry about shipping. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Tank Specs
    The 20g started 6/2003 30lbs. figi LR, 15w daylight,15w actinic NO. watchman goby,TR clown,red brain,white bubble, green,brown buttons, Pink branching Hammer, Dark Green Starburst Polyps,Trumpet,Toadstool Leathers, Green stripe,blue,green dot Mushrooms,Feather Dusters,Fire Shrimp,Skunk Cleaner...
1-6 of 6 Results