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  1. General Reef Discussion
    hey all its been A LOOOOONG time since last posted here. Ive since taken down my saltwater and rehomed all my fishies. I recently got married and I'm slowly wanting to get back into salt if the wifey will let me lol. I currently have 2 large tanks so I prob cant get a big one but I do have...
  2. Nano Reefs
    So it looks like the little 5 Gallon nano has stabilized. Ammonia tests come up yellow. Nitrates almost zero. Looking good after 3 weeks or so. Inside I have 5-6 pounds of LR 5 pounds of LS 2 scarlet red hermits 1 turban snail 1 nassarian snail I may get 2 sexy shrimp and call it over for...
  3. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Im setting up a another pico tank and I put my live rock in last night and I checked on it this morning and there was this little white bug looking thing running around my tank. I've been trying too get a picture of it but it wont stop moving. Its about the size of a grain of rice and stays on...
  4. Marine Depot
    While it's no secret that we all love our reef tanks, it's also no secret that a reef junkie is never satisfied. We're always looking for the next piece of equipment, the next challenge or another place in the house where we can stick a tank. It should come as no surprise then that we're seeing...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Well, I've sold my 90 gallon tank and have downsized to a 5 gallon pico. A fluval spec v. I want this system to be a healthy reef tank and I have one question. The overflow/filter in the back of the tank, would it be more beneficial to the tank if I left it as the filter with biomedia or turned...
  6. Nano Reefs
    Hello all, I've had my lil ibi picotope running for a little over a year now. All this time I've been using regular carbon filter media in the stock filter. My nitrates have been steadily climbing week after week up to about 80ppm. I was wondering if I took out the media and other innards, and...
  7. Nano Reefs
    I set up my 3 galling picotope on Thursday night & it's looking good :) I'm so excited! Wish me luck! Any advice?? When did u do your first test?
  8. Nano Reefs
    What should I get for my cleanup crew and how many of each for my 3 gallon pico tank? Do I wait until my tank is cycled before I add them?
  9. Lighting
    I am getting a 3 gallon pico tank... Should be here within the week. I know the lighting it comes with is good for low light corals like mushrooms, zoas. Just wondering what a good light would be to put on it later on to grow some corals like spa or LPs that need higher light??
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys. I was looking to get my wife a pico desktop 8 gallon as a gift. We have plenty of extra lr, sand and even fish to put in it as well as coral. Looking at the nuvo system with led here: What do you all think of this particular...
    Hi, all, I'm from Lexington. I just set up my very first salty, a 2.5 pico, about 2.5 weeks ago (the ammonia went to 0 fast, and nitro levels are going for great, the rock was from an established tank). I know it seems like I took a lot on as a first timer, but I've literally been keeping...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, I set up a little pico 3gal tank as a ricordia tank about 2 weeks ago, I used sand, rock and water from my existing tank and everything has been going great! Levels are all good and the ricordia seem to be loving the tank as it has very little flow and they are not getting blowen...
  13. Nano Reefs
    I just started my new Deco Kit 3 gallon tank today! So far I have a nice sand bed, a bunch of dead base rock, and one solid piece of cured liverock (from my Biocube 14). The water is starting to clear up so I will post some initials pics later today! Future plans with this pico reef tank are...
  14. NFMAS Members only
    I have not been to Bioreef latlely, but they may have something there. I am looking for a small 10 gallon or less that has everything included in one package deal. Something that can house zoos Etc for my office. Please let me know if you guys come across something locally. Thank You
  15. .75 gal pico tank ruler scale

    My pico tank its only about .75 gallons which I converted from FW to SW with my Ghost shrimp.
1-15 of 15 Results