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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I posted a new album on my page. Click on avatar and "all albums" to I -phone pics. Enjoy and let me know any comments or questions. Thanks
  2. Photography Forum
    Does any one know how to take good photos under LED actinic lighting?
  3. Photography Forum
    Thought some of you might like these. The snails are freshwater "mystery" snails. :fish::worm:
  4. Photography Forum
    Hello, I'm trying to upload pics on here and it won't let me... I have an IPad not a regular comp, I don't know if that matters but it doesnt give me the option to upload from my photos on here, so I've tried to do it from the URL of some of my Facebook photos.. But it always says invalid file...
  5. Photography Forum
    I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd post some pictures of my fish tanks. I am an ameatuer photographer and do make some side money from it. Mostly for fun though I'm no pro but figured I'd post some pictures and offer some help for anyone who wants some tips. These were taken with my...
  6. Photography Forum
    I'll use this thread to post pics only of my 55 gallon mix reef. I won't repost all my old pictures, see my build thread for those but I will post all future ones. and here is the first, use the magnifying glass in the top right to see the full size of any image.
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Anyone know how to upload a photo into forums from an htc sensation 4g? I have an unidentified life form in my tank and want to post it to see if anyone knows what it is. Thanks!
  8. General Reef Discussion
    **update 07/02/13 - have had a terrible accident happen...lost 90% of what you will see in pictures below...the last post is the update on this..:(** below is when i started the thread and you will see the tank evolve, see the below original post when the thread started ** hi everyone just a...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I finally moved my 46 bow to the living room. I was gonna get a 57 but finances finally said enough is enough and I went with the sumpless 46. We'll see how well it does (before I go ahead and upgrade later ;) ). Here are some pics. More fish on the way soon- cardinals, coral beauty...
  10. Photography Forum
    Just some shots that I took... Enjoy!! :D These are not taken with a top grade camera btw.. Full tank shots...
  11. Photography Forum
    just thought id share some old photos i found of my last reef before it crashed. comments and all welcome. Enjoy! :dance: fire fish and Six Line A store bought, tank raised Ocellaris clown hosting my brain coral Some Orange/Green colony polyps A hermit redefining hitchhiker The polyps...
  12. Photography Forum
    I have recently set up my 55 gal tank and got me a new metal halide fixtures. Would like to see others tanks with this same setup. Show me what you got! LOL
  13. DIY Forum
    Does anyone know of any reliable DIY Live rock sites or videos. Has anyone had any experience with it good or bad, any suggestions. I am planning on making enough for a 90 gallon reef and seed it with LFS live rock.
  14. Photography Forum
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Ok so I have a Sony Handy cam that takes our video, and latly our photos. I have been poking around looking at slr cameras and would like to see some input on both camera frames ans macro lenses. so far I like Nikon, Sony, and Cannon, in that order Lenses I have no clue on or about them so...
  16. Margaritaville
    Good morning, everyone :) Coffee, hot chocolate, bagels and cream cheese, scones, and homemade applesauce today. Doug - good luck on that job possibility. Here's hoping that your Tuesday is better than Monday. Looks like rain is all over the place, though. See you all later today.
  17. Margaritaville
    Good morning, everyone :) Coffee is on. Oatmeat with blueberries, almonds, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Hot chocolate, too. Off to Civitan, and another day off.
  18. Photography Forum
    I'm from Morgantown, WV, and am thinking about starting a reefing group in this area. I do not have a lot of my own GOOD pics... so I wanted to try and see what people would give me! Would you please submit some of your OWN pictures with permission to perhaps use them on a website, or club...
  19. Photography Forum
    Most of you do not know that I have written a book that will be published and available for sale on within the next couple if weeks. Eric Borneman wrote the forward and Mary Ellen Sweeny (former editor of TFH) is doing the editing and preparation for press. I need some high...
1-19 of 23 Results