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    I'm curious about your lighting sequence. I did mine according to the manufacturer's and apparently from what i've seen in my club and others it totally bogus. So do you mind sharing your; start to finish, periods, and combination thanks.
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    First off, Hello! My name is Adam, this is my first post here. With my work/class schedule I rarely get to enjoy my tank. Sometimes I'm home for only an hour or so in the morning, or only an hour or so at night. I was running a 10 hour light cycle. I should also say its a T5 4 bulb on...
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    Having a reversed photoperiod is usually no problem with a refugium under the main tank. Its dark, behind closed doors, and waiting for the sun to go down and then the lights come on when the main tank lights goes out. Thats the idea for a reversed photo period to keep our oxydation and ph...
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    so i was wondering what would be a good photoperiod for my 40 gallon breeder? im still experimenting with this while i dont have corals but i want to get it on a good steady basis before i add anything else to the tank. i have done one adjustment due to an algae outbreak. i left the lights off...
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    Had a thought today and thought I should run it by everyone on here and see if I'm crazy of not. ok so I have a 4 gallon nano/pico reef I set up about 3 months ago. I set it up with about 5lbs sugar sand, adding a handful of sand from my girlfriends 10 gallon, and 6 lbs of uncured live rock...
1-5 of 5 Results