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  1. Photography Forum
    I found this photo of my money cowrie and candy corals from my old tank. Miss that little guy.
  2. Marine Depot
    Enter our photo caption contest for a chance to win an Aqua Medic EcoDrift Controllable Pump (a $140.00 value!) PLUS the caption with the most "likes" wins a $25 gift certificate! One of our favorite photos from our February Fish Photo...
  3. Marine Depot
    Enter our photo caption contest for a chance to win an Aqua Medic EcoDrift Controllable Pump (a $140.00 value!) PLUS the caption with the most "likes" wins a $25 gift certificate! Details: Open to US residents 18 years or older. You may...
  4. Marine Depot
    Enter our fish photo contest for a chance to win a Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer (a $399.99 value!) PLUS the photo with the most "likes" wins a Vertex Algae Magnet We are looking for amazing fish photos to feature in our next catalog! Upload an image of your favorite blenny, angelfish...
  5. Photography Forum
    I am having trouble paying pictures. My attachment limit has been reached and I don't know how to upload pictures where the text goes please help me Thanks
  6. Photography Forum
    Check out our video on YouTube: YouTube"]Video - Mixed Reef Tank | 75 Gallon | SPS Dominated | LiveCoralReef Video of two year old SPS dominated mixed reef tank with frag rack. Everything from Acropora to Montiopora as well as LPS. John
  7. Photography Forum
    So I got myself a DSLR at the start of the year and have been playing with taking pictures of my own aquarium (the xenia photos) and various public aquariums (scripps & denver aquarium), and I thought it would be fun to share what I'm up to and learn how to get better! Camera: Sony A58 set to...
  8. Photography Forum
    Anyone out there use this camera? If so do you shoot with a macro lens or stock lens?
  9. Nano Reefs
    This is probably wishful (?) thinking on my part, but I'm thinking I have stocked 80% of what I want in my tank. 29g Coralife Biocube (2nd chamber refugium with live rock rubble and chaeto, lit by Coralife T5 mini aqualight) 36w Actinic Blue 36w 10K Daylight .75w Lunar Blue LED bar *Lunar...
  10. Photography Forum
    Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing or mismatched. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error. Can anyone help? :mad::help::help::help::help::help::help::help:
  11. General Reef Discussion
    What do you think of this aquascape? Its a 7.5 gal tank so space is limited. Im hoping the GSP and montipora will fill in soon.
  12. "Soft" corals
    Hi Guys, I purchased this leather coral (w/ live rock) at the LFS yesterday. As you can see, it had three "branches" and one of them is dying. :bigw: I am not sure what to do at this point: (a) perform surgery to remove damaged branch, or (b) leave it alone and let nature take it's course...
  13. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    Looks better live (need to stop the flash). Ita a start, all fish are doing well.
  14. Photography Forum
    Hey everyone! I am new to the hobby and the site! Here are some shots of my 4month old tank. Its not much yet but its getting there!
  15. Photography Forum
    i recently upgraded my BIOCUBE lighting to the nanotuners LED 5.6 retrokit. what's the best way to capture a picture of the tank with the LED's. i have a CANON sd750 and have tried adjusting the white balance, it does not give a true representation of the LED's. i hopefully will be getting a SLR...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I just took some good pics of the thing going on with my cabbage coral.. i dont know how to upload
  17. TRT Member Blog's
    Hi all, so I started posting questions a few days ago and you have all been a lot of help in answering them and giving advice. I am going to utilize this space to post pictures get opinions on stocking and equipment and lots of very beginner questions. I usually Google anything I want to know...
  18. Photography Forum
    I took some pics tonight of our new friend (still haven't named him yet) a fire goby and of one of our acans we have hope you guys like! So how do you fish/corals look like at night?
  19. Clams
    To all clam lovers or anyone who has good eye on clams... These 5 teardrop maximas just arrived at my LFS. Collected from Vietnam-they say. All at the same price. Been held for a week for quarantine purposes and ready for release tomorrow. Which one should I get? Refer to photos I took. Please...
1-19 of 28 Results