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ph metter
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    i have several skimmers and some other stuffs that for sale.. everything is working in order.. ASM g3 skimmer come with sedan 5000 pump UESED .. asking $150 SWC 250 brand NEW still in box $325 come with 2 PSK 2500 Aqua max come with sedan 7000 $180 USED ph metter controller 212 come with ph...
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    im shutting down 210 gallons..Right now i still have some live rock left and couple fish too.. asking 1k for everything which include here: 250lbs liverock pair of purple tang 4" pair of yellow tang 4" pair of firefish Korean Angel 5" tomini tang 4" humama trigger 3"1/5 Beta 4" bio foxface 5"...
1-2 of 2 Results