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  1. Led Light Comparison Pics

    165W (x2) LEDs full power both channels @ water level
  2. Gsp

    Green star polyps under actinic
  3. Unknown Coral

    this has grown on my live rock anyone know what it is
  4. 30 Gallon

    my tank
  5. Corynactis Tank

    Pics of my 5 gallon corynactis tank. 9 May 2011
  6. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I recently upgraded to a 120 and the tank came with a PFO dual 400w hqi ballast and bulbs. I was worried about tripping the breaker in the old condo I live in but everything was fine...until my roommate brought home a 42" plasma HDTV that runs on almost 3 times the power of the old tv (in the...
  7. Lighting
    I have been seeing a lot of people choosing elec. ballast over magnetic....why? Just curious
  8. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    It's been forever since I posted in here but since I took over the buisness I've just not had enough time to dedicate to this tank. There are a bunch of nice things in this tank that are fairly expensive. I'd like to sell the whole thing to one person cause we all know that parting out a reef...
  9. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Some of you may already know, I purchased two new 400watt Reeflux 10K SE bulbs. I really want to run the Reeflux 10Ks. I have a PFO dual 400watt ballast (M59 standard). The bulbs would not work so I had them replaced with another new set. The retailer fired them at their store to make sure they...
  10. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Right now I am running XM 10Ks SE and am trying to decide between the ReefLux 10K and 12K. I figured if anyone has old ReefLux bulbs perhaps I could borrow them to see how the colors look on my tank. This will help me to quit stalling and pull the trigger on which color temp to get. ...
  11. General classifieds
    I am selling my 5 month old reef setup.. I have over 4 thousand invested.. but my loss is your gain.. like I said it is all besides the tank and stand 5 months old.. some of the equipment: Live rock 3.50 per pound or all rock for $600.00 coral rock mostly mushrooms $5.00 per pound PFO Dual...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    If you are, how deep is your tank? I'm have a 24" deep tank and I finally decided they were too mucn for that depth. I pulled them and put the Hamilton 14k's back in. Just wanted some input from anyone else running these bulbs? Also, any color issues with the bulbs?
  13. General classifieds
    *note: Prices are for local residents, if you want shipping, contact me and I will get you a shipping price. I am selling my Dual 400w halide set up, 350.00 bucks, it is only has about 5 months of use on it... Here is what it comes with... PFO Dual Pulse start ballast - retail 245.00 (not...
  14. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I am selling all my stuff. Will update this thread soon w/ prices. I know John (seadevil) wanted my dart, sump, and 55 gal top off tank so that is spoken for unless he changes his mind. I have PFO lights 250's and 400's. Both Dual Ice cap 660 w/ harness XXL seallife skimmer with mag 18...
  15. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    PFO dual 250watt SE Halide complete (bulbs need repl.) $180 Icecap single 250 watt SE Halide complete $100 Icecap 660 with 4 72" new VHO bulbs complete $200 these have individual mirror reflectors also. One 72" new VHO super actinic (blue) $25 6ft strip LED moonlights 1 or 2 were not on last I...
  16. Yellow Pocillopora damicornis

    Bright yellow Pocilliapora. Love this guy. Always so extended!!
  17. Is that a Tree?

    Here is my leather after it grew wildly.
1-20 of 111 Results