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  1. Crustaceans
    I've had a goby/pistol shrimp combo on my fish list from the start, but I'm beginning to second guess it now. If I get this combo will the Goby still go around and clean the entire sand bed or will it just stay with the pistol shrimp (assuming they pair) and not stray far from one another...
  2. Crustaceans
    I recently got a peppermint shrimp for aiptasia control. After going out for dinner, this is what I saw a mere three hours after adding it to the tank. Anyone else seen this happen?
  3. Old-and-new

  4. Crustaceans
    In the past two days I've noticed my shrimp are sort of acting funny. I have 2 peppermint shrimp, some hermits and snails, and a damsel. I think it is because I significantly decreased the amount of food I've been feeding. I had a huugeeee nitrate problem after I moved my tank (it was in the...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone! I received my bi-monthly live food shipment in the mail and to my surprise they had sent me a bunch of stuff I did not order. They told me to keep it free of charge as it was their error so I now have a frag with like 10 zoas, a purple whip, 6 peppermint shrimps and several...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hello all! So today I brought home a frogspawn and put it in my tank. Almost instantly my peppermint shrimp starting attacking it and eating it! I then started to scare him away from it, but he just kept returning and trying to eat it. I then moved the frogspawn, and it seems like he wasn't...
  7. Livestock Breeding and Propagation
    I got a small population of Peppermint Shrimp, and without a doube some were female and noticed some are carrying eggs within their tail. That got me to wondering how Peppermint Shrimp are successfully bred. I know they are breed in captivity, but can anyone give any details as to doing so?
  8. Crustaceans
    My desire for Liverock has gotten the better of me, and this is no secret. I made threads before about the hitchhikers I have, and one of them are of course Aiptasia Anemones. I already wiped out a good portion with Kalkwasser and a needle(Which now is clogged and useless to me...) and so far it...
  9. Jays Tank 1/30/15

    Picture of tank just after lights came on.
  10. General Reef Discussion
    This is going to sound kind of wrong but, how do you kill a peppermint shrimp? Lol is there a fish I can buy that will eat it ? Im having issues with this guy, he's been pecking at my GSP that hadn't opened yet, he killed and ate a different peppermint shrimp I attempted to add to the tank, and...
  11. Crustaceans
    So I have 4 peppermint shrimp and on Christmas noticed that 2 of them are full with eggs. Not sure what to do.I have 2 clowns 2 green chromis copper band yellow tang and a cleaner wrasse I have a 55 gal tank but don't have any other tanks.thought about putting them in a breeder net that you...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    So the other day I went to my lfs in search of a peppermint shrimp for my aiptasia. I had bought a royal gramma, yellow clown goby, and a Galaxea from him that has all died. I told him about my tank and what's going on and he gave me great advice. So I grabbed a shrimp and a KH test and both...
  13. New Pictures

    125 gallon reef tank LED light system
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys, So I just got back from my LFS with my first set of livestock for my new tank. I'm new to all this. I got two O.Clowns 4 hermits and 3 peppermint shrimp. I'm currently acclimating them. On my biggest shrimp there is a tumor looking thing on the right side of the carapace (the head...
  15. Tank Specs
    Someone Please help me, Tell me if you can a Peppermint Shrimp and a Niger Trigger live in a 90 gallon tank together. I have a problem with aptasia's and want the peppertmint shrimp for that.:confused: __________________
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I have a small colony of zoas in my tank, I have a peppermint shrimp in the same tank as well, I've seen the shrimp crawling around on the colony, is he trying to eat them? Will he?
  17. Tank Stand

    Got the rest of my stand framed today.
1-20 of 500 Results