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  1. LPS Coral Forum
    Went to lfs today with the intention of buying an lps version of turbinaria if that makes sense (like this one : I came away with the one in the picture, no polyps open so am starting to winder if I have the right...
  2. LPS Coral Forum
    I want to find more corals that glow under the blue light. I have a green torch and when I turn the blue light on my purple pagoda polups glow green and the torch is bright neon! Its so pretty how bright it glows. My other coral dont glow, so i want to find more that glow. Maybe i can find coral...
  3. LPS Coral Forum
    Just wanted to share this cool pic.
  4. LPS Coral Forum
    Added some new corals today....will keep yall posted on there progress the pagoda is already open and the elegance started to open then lights out so we will see tomorrow
  5. General Reef Discussion
    So I used to work outside and at my last job I found an 120GB ipod classic and i used it for a while the I bought a smartphone and the ipod was seldom used. So one of my buddies recently asked if I would sell it to him i said ok and went to the LFS with the cash to see if he had something cool...
  6. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Wanting to buy some coral. I've checked around places and most things I've found want prices which seemed a little high to me for less than beautiful specimens. If I can get a cheaper better looking piece from Petco then it begins to seem not worth it? Know what I mean.. Well right now I'm...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    hi all, i have an established 54 gal corner tank with a variety of corals from polyps and mushrooms to brains and hammers but my newest addition to my tank is a green flower pot coral/pagoda. i have it currently placed on the bottom of my tank in the sand with ample space because i know it can...
  8. LPS Coral Forum
    I about to venture towards purchasing a Cup Coral(scroll (pagoda) can any provide info on the up keep of 1. read a article on it...the article advices that it is hardy states it will take feeding of brine shrimp but does'nt need can be maintained only w/ lights! ANy and all info appreciated! :agree:
  9. LPS Coral Forum
    Just curious on everyone's thoughts for the min. tank size for a pagoda? I have a 5g nano and was thinking that maybe if I got a small enough frag, a could make it work for a year or so.....
1-9 of 9 Results