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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys! I'm toying with the idea of drilling my tank and adding a sump. I am so scared. Anyhoo, I need a recommendation for an overflow box. I want to install it on the short side of my 55 gal tank. This means it must be less than 12 inches wide. I was hoping to create a bean animal/3...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 40b with a sump. In the past, I have been Using two pumps to pump form my display to my sump and back to the sump. I flooded my house 5 times. I am adding an overflow box to my set-up. Does my pump have to be the exact size (in gph) as my overflow? Or can the pump be 100gph if the...
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  4. Marine Depot
    JUST ARRIVED: New sumps and overflow boxes! Amethyst Sumps and Eclipse Overflow Boxes + Rocktoberfest Week 2
  5. Marine Depot
    Rare 10% off Trigger Systems Sale Time is running out to save on Sumps and ATO Reservoirs! You can also save 10% on overflow boxes using the same coupon. Enjoy! :-) How to Add a Sump Using an Overflow Box How to Set Up a Refugium in Your Sump How to Build Your Own Custom Sump
  6. Marine Depot
    10% off Sumps & Overflow Boxes Add a Sump to Your Reef Tank Using an Overflow Box
  7. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    Hello Reefers; I looked around for a thread to address my question but did not see anything. Sorry, if it is there and I am being redundant. I am in the process of completing my sump this weekend and I have a question about my eshopps pf-1200 overflow box: Tank specs: 75 usg reef tank...
  8. Marine Depot
    This Sale is Sumpthing Special The spotlight is on sumps and overflows this week, so we've lined up some cool deals just for you! All our bulkheads are 20% off with coupon BULKHEAD-don't forget to check out the new Angel LEDs (which recently received a nice price drop) and the compact, quiet...
  9. Marine Depot
    VIDEO: Add a Sump to Your Tank with an Overflow Box If you are still stuck cleaning canister filters or constantly cleaning up after leaky hang-on equipment, watch today's video to learn how to add a sump to your aquarium using an overflow box.
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Overflow box,Closed loop question,Return Pump,HELP! I'm planing a custom tank that will have a external overflow box with three 1" drains and one 1.5" drain. I plan on setting up a bean animal with the three 1" drains that will be incorporated with a settling tank, skimmer and probably a Ehim...
  11. DIY Forum
    Hi, Ive just upgraded tanks switching from external to internal overflow box, I was hoping someone could run me through the plumbing. As you can see in the picture, it has two holes. The bottom one has a smaller diameter than the top. I'm not sure what sort of pipes I need inside the box, is one...
  12. Marine Depot
    How to Install an Aquarium Overflow Box Sale ends 3/17/14 MORE MARINE DEPOT NEWS New Life Spectrum AlgaeMax: 9 Different Seaweed Varieties for Your Tangs! How to Install an Aquarium Overflow Box My First Saltwater Aquarium (at home): Part 1 Hamilton Technology Cebu Sun: A Tried-and-True...
  13. General classifieds
    I need quite a few things. Can't buy new stuff as I'm 14 and mostly it's not my money I'm spending. I need an overflow box, protein skimmer, and powerheads. If you could tell me the lowest you'd go that would be nice. Thanks
  14. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I am wanting to buy a used or new cpr cs50 overflow box my number is 334 504 5354
1-14 of 76 Results