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  1. Reef Fish
    Hello everyone...I think I already know the answer to this question but feel compelled to ask anyways. I have a 90 gallon 36*24*24 reef tank. Its 3 feet long looking at it from the front and obviously the sides and height at 2 feet. I have lots of LR, ledges, caves, overhangs, etc etc. Also...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Ignoring the cost of these two fish, which do you prefer the royal gramma basslet or the orchid dottyback. I'm thinking of adding one of these fish to my 35gallon reef tank but i arrrghhh i can't decide which one.
  3. Macro Nano Pics

    nano jam macro pics of tank 2-25
  4. General Reef Discussion
    yesterday I happened upon an orchid dottyback and I have been looking for one for months. I asked if it would go well in my 20 which has 2 firefish (established) and a lovely pearly jawfish (I just got a week ago). They said it would be fine with the jawfish but what happens FIRST thing- the...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Okay... I am extremely upset about the death of my brand new orchid dottyback. In what seemed to be overnight, or near first light. I found him behind my rockwork, as I started to see movement, which were my nassarius snails seemingly heading towards him. He was laying somewhat sideways...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    90 Gallon Oceanic Tech tank, set up November 2006. 180 lbs LR and 90 lbs LS from TBS. Equipment: DIY ProClear Wet/Dry filter converted to refugium/sump 03/07. ASM G1X protein skimmer. 48" Solaris I4 added 11/07. Peltech 300 Ocean Thermotronic Reversible Conditioner. Neptune Aquacontroller...
  7. Zoanthid

    when the lights are on
  8. Reef Fish
    Ok, I'm looking for a few suggestions since this is just getting depressing. My 30g all-in-one is taking off far better than I ever imagined (parameters, growth, etc). So well, in fact, that I've chosen to make an SPS-dominated reef with some brilliant colors. While expected, my fire shrimp...
  9. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I have a 8 gallon nano tank. I am looking for a couple of fish that are active and will not hide all the time. I have a yellow damels in there now and it buries everything. I am going to get rid of him. ( if anyone wants him let me know). If you know of any fish please let me know. Thanks, Amy
  10. NFMAS Member Tanks
    Specs: 40 gallon breeder - 36 x 18 x 17 (thanks JR) DIY stand - 38 x 24 x 35 (thanks Racerw) Custom sump - 32 x 15.5 x 15.5 (thanks Duud) Lighting: T5 - Nova Extreme Pro (six bulb) Giesemann True Actinic - updated 07/12/08 Giesemann 11K Aquablue+ - updated 07/12/08 Giesemann Actinic...
  11. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Jen and I were gone to Door County once again (probably the last time for quite some weeks now) to go ice fishing. I can't say that was terribly enjoyable as it was bitterly cold for about 2/3 of the day and we only actually caught 3 fish (all of which were on the lines as we were pulling the...
  12. nano build off 2008
    If it's not too late, I'm hoping to enter. I just got a job in the aquarium industry, and everyone in the office has a nano on their desk so I figured I had to join. What I'm thinking of doing is a custom rimless aquarium around 15 gallons with a sump area able to accomodate an old prizm...
  13. Reef Fish
    i just got a pink dottyback my wife loved it so hes in my reef any info on this guy ? hes eaten allready so iam happy! my killer clown dont mess with it eather :)
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Here are a couple shots I took last night. Hope you enjoy I just picked this up last weekend, I think it is a maze brain? Any suggestions that you guys have would be great on the care of this coral. Thanks Chris
  15. Seahorses & Pipefish
    Hello All, I recently purchased my first ponies. They were sold to me as Kellogii, but I Think they might be Kuda. Well enough about that, 4 were bright yellow when I bought them, but have since changed to a black on they back with a little white/very pale yellow on the undersides. I...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I just got this Clam yesterday and it is amazing!!!!! How does it look to you experts? Stay tuned, more to come!!! Chris
  17. Reef Fish
    Here are some fish I have considered (obviously not all of these in the one tank). Any obvious additions or deletions? Any feedback on any of these? Zebrasoma flavescens Yellow Tang; Paracheilinus carpenteri Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse Harem; Pterapogon kauderni Banggai Cardinal (pair); Premnas...
1-20 of 186 Results