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  1. Full Tank Shot

  2. General Reef Discussion
    i have an orange tree sponge and its doing well except that when i do water changes i have to be really careful to not let the water level go down and expose the top. Well i forgot last time and the top couple inches of its branches are deteriorating... if i cut off the parts that are messed...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I found this little thing today, it kind of reminds me of my tiny strombus snails i used to have in my old tank... but there is nothing from that tank in this one and its not an exact match. Cool lookin critter, but i figure i'll double check...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hello All, As a new member I just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Roy and I live in Northern New Jersey. I've been into fishtanks for 30 yrs or so but only started my saltwater systems within the last year or so. I currently have two tanks (actually 3). A FOWLR 55gal with...
  5. TCMAS
    Three questions about where to get some lifestock: 1) Does anyone know where to get Stomatella snails? 2) I searched online vendors, they only carry red ball and orange tree sponges. I've seen many tanks with pretty cool sponges other than ball and a tree. Where do you get ... lets say a...
  6. LPS Coral Forum
    I think I might want to add a few coral to my 125 gal MOWLER. It has 4x96 PC lighting. I am mainly interested in LPS. (some shrooms and polyps also). I was looking for some advise on which corals would be ok with 3 watts per gallon. I am thinking: green bubble, open brain (Trachyphyllia)...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all, Just purchased an established reef from someone getting out. Here is a list of the livestock: Yellow Tang Sailfin Tang Regal Tang Lavender Tang True Ocsilaris Clownfish 2 Royal Damsels Dragon Goby Stometella (lots) Feather Starfish 2 Electric Blue Marshall Islands. Hermit Crabs (HARD...
  8. Atlanta Reef Club
    My clearn up crew can not keep the sponge clearn :( I going to have to either give it away or throw it out... I can not take a chance and let it die in my tank... Call me to set up a pick up time, but it need to be before 2 PM weekday. I am just north of 85 and 285 404- 863-7544 Wayne
  9. TCMAS
    Set this up about a month ago... not looking too bad.
  10. TCMAS
    Why don't people have more sponges in their tanks? After diving in Jamaica, I realized that in some areas over half the colorful animals are tube-like sponges. Brilliant purples, blues, yellows, oranges, etc, but I never see them in captivity. Are they that hard to keep?
  11. TCMAS
    I got a 29 gal. from someone today and he didn't really take care of it at all. Can you ID these and do you guys think they will recover?!?!? Thanks. The 3rd I think is a branching frogspawn and the last I know is a sponge... do you think these guys will make it or is it too late???
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I would like to "put my tank out there" for abuse. I am new to reef tanks and would like to hear some constructive criticism about how I could improve my tank. I apologize for my mangling of the English language and mispellings and assumptions made through out in this posting, as I am trying to...
  13. Atlanta Reef Club
    Thought I would pass it along. Sounds pretty good. Free FedEx Overnight Shipping on all Live Goods orders! Pajama Cardinals $1.99 Engineer Gobies $1.99 Lettuce Nudibranch $1.99 Ricordea Polyps $5.99 Emerald Crabs $3.99 Chalk Basslet $7.99 Blue Reef Chromis $7.99 Pencil Urchin $4.99 Deco...
  14. TCMAS
    I have a small orange tree sponge that is slowly wasting away. I don't dose phyto so don't think it will make it in my tank. If someone doses lots of phyto in their tank, you're welcome to take it. It ain't much to look at but is a nice orange color.
  15. General Reef Discussion
    well, my tank is in some seriously bad shape since i was gone in the hospital for so long. my pulsing xenia has spread from the single "stalk" that it was, into 9 different stalks. thats good. :) my hairy mushrooms are only oepning about 1/2 the size they were. thats bad :( my star...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I am curious how many fish I can have in my tank with my current setup without problems. Here is what I have: 25 Gal 28lb live rock 40lb live sand Protien skimmer 2 powerheads 65W 10,000 + 65W Actinic Amm, NO2, NO3 = 0 Ph = 8.4 Temp = 78 SG = 1.025 Weekly 5 gal water changes RO top off...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    well, my tank has been set up since, well heck, i dont even remember when it was setup now :rolleyes: but it's been 3 or 4 months i guess. anyway, everything is doing great. too great. i think maybe i should start getting worried :( granted, much of my live rock was established for about 6...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I tried to look up some info on the care of marine sponges, but on saltwater boards all i get is filtration sponge cartriges and on websearches i get all kinda of natural seasponges and loofahs for bathing or stories about annoying relatives with no jobs... :rolleyes: :lol: Just wondering if...
1-19 of 24 Results