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oceanic 29
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  1. Tank Specs
    Decided to make a acct here seems as if every time I search a question this site pops up and i end up reading a forum... SO HERES WHAT I HAVE Oceanic BioCube 29 approx 2-3 months old Started with 11lbs LR and 20 lbs of Arag-Life wet sand :fish:NOW :fish: -15ish lbs LR -30ish lbs sand...
  2. Tank Specs
    Hello all......I just set up my first marine tank in about fifteen years. It's a mostly stock Oceanic Biocube 29 gallon tank. I've removed the bioballs and installed a protein skimmer in their place. Currently I have forty pounds of live sand and twenty-seven pounds of live rock - Fiji. There...
1-2 of 2 Results