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  1. Reefing Equipment
    So my first post, hello guys, will update info in a bit but name is so as I have a Juwel vision 180 :funny: So I am planning to sump my marine tank. (waiting to find out if my tank is ok to drill, dont want it shattering on my :() I have most the plans in my head, thinking 3/4 PVC and hose...
  2. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    Can I use the Loc-Line attachments on my skimmer return? It's a HOB octopus 2000 and currently the water coming back to the tank offers little movement on the surface only. I was thinking of something that was capable of being aimed and possibly a nozzle that may spread out and offer...
  3. General classifieds
    Pump was only used for a couple weeks with fresh water. $150 plus shipping I have 4 ... never used ... Oceans Motions Omni Flex Nozzles, 1" Slip, 2 section. $10 each. ... d851f372e1
1-3 of 3 Results