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    How to view regular (Not black and white) format of TRT on iPhone and Android: On Galaxy S5 (and most androids), go to Click the 3 dot menu bar next to the URL, and scroll down. There is a box that says "Request Desktop Site". Check that box and you'll be good! (Credit to...
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    Need help guys so my new SRO-3000 INT has just stopped creating bubbles point blank. It has been on for about 3-4 days and it was working perfectly. Now the pump works but it just spins without creating any bubbles. I've tried taking the front housing of the pump off but there was nothing...
  3. Lighting
    Hey everyone, I bought 4 new ATI bulbs all of which work seperatly but not together. The only way i can get them to turn on is when i have them in with one of my old bulbs. If I have two of the new bulbs in together they flicker once and then shut off. My fixture is a 36" Current USA 4 bulb.
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    If anyone has any experience with this protein skimmer, any help will be appreciated. After a lot of research, I decided to go with the AquaC Remora, because it was easily one of, if not the best, reviewed HOB Protein skimmer. Now I know it says that it needs to "break -in" before it starts...